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The REC Awards: July 5 - 11, 2015

Brock Lesnar calls this the Hood Ornament
Brock Lesnar calls this the Hood Ornament

Well, here we are at another Sunday after an interesting week of programming including yet another US Open Challenger MOTY candidate, so that means another edition of the REC Awards.

Let's get right into the swing of things...



WWE Movie Review: I Watch '12 Rounds' So You Don’t Have To! - ThingsandStuff

I owe Michael Cole an apology - mfedjr

Shifting The Spotlight: Ricochet - J.K. McMillen

How do you save Seth Rollins? Or, How you take the next Shawn Michaels and turn him into the next Miz - No Leaf Clover

WWE's fatal flaws from Brock Lesnar to Seth Rollins - Hollywood Chris Hall

WWE is failing its talent - Armads


Comments (link to album)

First, lepsaxon shares a fun Craigslist ad

TheDannyBaxter, Brigade17, Midnight Deeds, and more drool over Kevin Owens/Finn Balor

TD70 is upset and has an idea. Others voice their opinion about said idea

suiko, aPikachu, and others do some wordplay


Flashking has some advice for Cesaro:

Christopher Novak, KiniskiFan, shaqustewart93, and backstage say if they miss AJ Lee:

sherlock1854 also says so, but uses a great pic. BMAMag responds:

Midnight Deeds provides a visual:

Tim Burke and others react to the alleged announcer rules:

Mrs Black brings the sarcasm:

LadyBlack posts an ad. jwparks87 adds to it:

KiniskiFan discusses Michael Cole:

Drew Nicholas wonders something. Zentrification responds:

C-Note86 discusses Brock Lesnar's luck with crowds. Jumpin Jehosophat responds:

suiko sos:

kmtierney breaks down WWE women vs NXT women:


The Notorious Eddie Mac and Hasukawa react to Kevin Owens burning Hideo Itami:

alexdgreenfield marks a bit:

So does MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns:

NotYourAverageSmark reacts to something from Raw. Brigade17 responds:

K.T. and Midnight Deeds discuss Titus O'Neil's commentary:

DomCatz hails:

Kagami has a message to Seth Rollins:

Ambrose 3:16 2.0 provides a perfect visual:

Jenzel reacts to a rumor. Sandow's Superior responds:

Punk is Dead reacts to Chris Jericho vs Neville from Beast in the East. Brigade17, Sandow's Superior, and TheDannyBaxter responds:

Brigade17 also discusses that match. BMAMag responds:

ArchdemonKtulu imagines something. Zentrification and The so-called Beautiful respond:

The Pollux8 has a message to Dixie Carter. nymgb44 and SpyroDash discuss Cesaro:

Jenzel makes a sentence:

Zentrification, Flashking, and D3ath_Knell react to that kid getting nailed by a car door:

So do SethRollinsChairShot and TheGoose01:

Jumpin Jehosophat sees it another way:

Zentrification reacts to a rumor. SteelSooner responds:

mrcspowell foresees a victory. TotalScrub responds:

TheGoose01 drops truth:

Naz Habib has an idea. King Henry the 2nd responds:

TotalScrub fixes a Roundup:

Christopher Novak reacts to some rumors. mrsocko responds:

quidproquo has a question:

The Boss Ain't Ratchet has a new command for Rusev:

Itaita has a wonderful idea:

Leia Blaze has an idea for a trios team:

Punk is Dead and insertnamehere31 have some nominations:

And finally, riotstorm948 has an idea for Sami Zayn. Magnus Magnolius responds:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in for next week's insanity!

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