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CM Punk on UFC debut fight: I'm shooting for December

When we last heard an update on when former WWE star CM Punk might make his long awaited UFC debut, promotion President Dana White was telling us he's "thinking early next year." That's in line with what the man himself is projecting, though he's shooting for the end of this year.


"I say this all the time: I'd love to fight tomorrow. But I want to be as prepared as I possibly can be and I will be. I'm still shooting for December. It might be January, I'm not sure. But I'll be ready when I fight."

Either way, it will have been an entire year from the date it was announced that Punk signed a contract with the UFC that he makes his actual debut inside the Octagon.

Meanwhile, he also revealed he's likely going to fight in the welterweight division:

"I woke up at 190 this morning, so I could make 185 in a couple of hours if I needed to. But I think fighting at 185 would probably be a bad idea. Those guys are a lot bigger than me. I think 170 is doable."

You can see in this recent training video that he's looking as fit as ever:

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