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Ring of Honor draws 163,000 viewers in Destination America debut

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Ring of Honor (ROH) had its first show broadcast on Destination America last night at 8 p.m. as a lead in to TNA and its flagship program, Impact, making its move to Wednesday nights. ROH did very little promotion for the big debut, relying instead on Internet buzz and word of mouth.

The result was 163,000 viewers in the first airing, and 110,000 viewers for the replay at 11 p.m.

Impact, meanwhile, drew 297,000 viewers, the lowest audience for a first run show since the move to Destination America. It was the first show on a new night, however, so while it looks like ROH did well and Impact did poorly, it's hard to get a good gauge on the numbers due to a variety of factors such as the debut and move to a new night.

It should also be noted that ROH airs in syndication before it makes it to Destination America.

We'll see how well each show draws next week with added promotion and more time to get used to a new night.