The Authority are what's wrong with WWE right now

There are a few things that are cool about WWE right now (NXT, great matches from time-to-time, etc), but the elephant in the room that continues to be the worst thing about it right now is something that has outlived past its expiration date, and that is the Authority.

Before people jump down on me and claim I say this because I hate heels and all, let me just say that some of my favorite characters right now are heels (New Day, Kevin Owens, among others). It's just that these Authority guys are... just boring.

My main beef with them is that they take the term "boring invincible villain" and run away with it.

You thought the nWo running roughshod over WCW for their first year of existence was bad? The Authority is just as bad.

To be fair though, it's only Stephanie McMahon who seems to be doing this on consistent basis, and Trips has been more than willing to take a few lumps. Hell, his feud with Sting was nothing but Triple H getting his ass kicked and throwing temper tantrums (that WrestleMania 31 match finish not withstanding).

Just like how you can't have a hero winning all the time because it removes drama, you can't have good heroes if the villains are always around making life hell for everyone without much consequence. This is further exacerbated by the fact that there is no "big good" to counteract their heelishness. You'll have faces opposing them, but no "Linda McMahon" figure to balance things out for the good guys like with the McMahon-Helmsley Regime in 2000.

This also creates the by-product of shows being by-the-numbers.

Case in point the past three shows where we ended with the Authority standing tall. Then there's the issue of Raw shows starting with an Authority promo more often than not. The mere existence of the group has paved the way for shows lazily booked to revolve around them as a whole.

And when shows begin and end the same way, with the bad guy standing on top, the viewer begins to lose interest. Because, let's be honest, we don't watch wrestling to see the big bad heels winning all the time. We watch wrestling to see our heroes triumph. Sure, the heel will put up a good fight, and even have the hero on the ropes, but the good guy has to win at the end.

And then you've got the Local Men, Kane and Big Show. In other words, WWE's "big red button" when it comes time for a match ending featuring an Authority guy.

Almost 95% of the time, you'll have these two getting involved and stinking up the main event scene with their presence. It's like, "we can't think of a good finish to this match? Aw, f*** it. Just send out Kane and Big Show." Simply put, these two are way past their prime and need to be put to pasture.

To their credit, Big Show has been further disconnected from the main Authority angle, but it brings me to another issue, especially with the current Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar program.

On Raw, we've been presented with Kane and J&J Security as being so big and bold enough to take down the likes of Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. While the "numbers game" is a viable reason for such a depiction, it ends up failing due to the fact that the henchmen Seth has are simply pathetic. Kane is a shadow of his former self, to the point where he rarely wins matches and basically ends up eating pins more often than not. J&J, while endearing, yes, are two cruiserweights who the narrative depicts as mere cannon fodder who serve nothing more but to fulfill the role of meat shields for Rollins.

This week's Raw (which was Authority-heavy), had near-record low ratings, could possibly be evidence of fans beginning to tune out the storyline or it could just be an anomaly. One thing's for certain, though.

I've had enough of The Authority.

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