The Anti-Smark Opinion: Brock Lesnar is a lion

I think we all can agree that this past Monday's Raw was not WWE's most stellar outing. However, there has been one point of contention that has people on here seriously divided: the Authority beatdown of Brock Lesnar to end the show.

Now, I'm not trying to belittle someone's opinion if they didn't like Brock getting beat down like that. What I take issue with is the notion that the angle is bad booking. Barry Hess wrote an fan post called "Brock Lesnar Is Not Dusty Rhodes", wherein he theorizes that the angle was an homage to the Four Horsemen breaking Dusty's leg back in the day.

His point is that Brock is not a "Common Man", and his beat down at the hands of Seth, Kane, and J&J reduced him to nothing more than a standard 'face in peril. Moreover, since the beatdown was done by players who have little credibility in the eyes of the fans (in that author's opinion), it is non-sensical, and therefore poor booking on the part of creative.

I could not disagree more.

First off, Brock Lesnar is a Beast. He's kinda like a lion. Lions are ferocious beats, able to take down formidable prey. Most animals would likely be looking at their death if they faced off against a lion. But do you know what can defeat a lion?

A pack of hyenas.

Now I get that, individually, Seth Rollins (who's roughly 2/3-3/4 the size of Brock), Kane (Brock's equal in size, but an aged worker), and the J&J Lollipop Guild pose little to no threat to the Beast. Collectively, they even the odds. And if they get that lucky shot, they have a chance to take the lion down.

Just like a pack of hyenas against a lone lion.

Now, let's examine the flip side. If the WWE tried to go in to Battleground with Lesnar in peak condition, it's practically a foregone conclusion that Seth is getting MDKed. I feel safe in saying that watching a match with a foregone conclusion is not preferable in the eyes of the WWE universe. You need some doubt as to the outcome to sell people on the match. Therefore, an Authority beatdown with Kane targeting Lesnar's knee like it's the auxiliary exhaust port on the Death Star makes sense.

Furthermore, I have yet to see anyone come up with a booking option that makes any more sense. The two I have heard are:

1) Lesnar MDKs the Authority goons, when Seth comes in and hits a Superkick and a Pedigree. From there Lesnar is supposed to no-sell the Pedigree, bail from the ring and retreat to the back, yelling "Wait 'til Battleground!", while Seth stands tall yelling back, "I'm the champ!"

2) If you're going to have a Lesnar beatdown, you need to have all the heels on the roster run to the ring and do it.

Number one fails on a couple fronts. First, bailing from the ring and retreating from the ring while the other guy stands tall flips the role of face and heel here. Brock is a de facto face. Why would he pull a movethat makes him look heelish and a bit chickenshit? How does that keep the "human cheat code" looking strong? Meanwhile, you'd have Rollins acting like he's John Cena. Secondly, if Brock is no-selling, why wouldn't he immediately take Seth cruising down Main St. Suplex City? To do anything but makes no sense for his character.

As for Number two, who wants to see a schmoz like that? Also, that many people in the ring at once would make for lousy TV. Plus, who's to say that just because you're a heel, you do the authority's bidding?

And in the end, it's not important who is doing it, it's what is done and how it's done that matters.

Well, that's my take on this. I want to make a shout out to Ambreigns and Lordban, who spoke to some of these points quite eloquently in the Raw recap thread.

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