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Young Bucks talk joining WWE NXT during 'VERY interesting' time in wrestling

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Matt & Nick Jackson, brothers who make up The Young Bucks, one of the most successful acts in independent wrestling, held an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") session on Reddit's Squared Circle yesterday.

Naturally, on the day that their former stable mate Kevin Owens was set to face John Cena for the second time in as many weeks, one of the things the Jacksons were asked early and often was about following him to WWE and NXT.

As background to this discussion, the Bucks are no stranger to controversy - like Owens, they have a long running online beef with Jim Cornette. The brothers also fueled speculation that the contracts Triple H was offering at the WWE Performance Center weren't favorable to talent when they made comments about being able to make more money taking their own bookings than signing a contract with a big player. They've since clarified that they only turned down a NXT tryout, not an actual contract (and do so again in the AMA), but that's important context given how they answer fan queries about signing with Hunter in 2015.

Will you ever go to NXT? We've got Steen, Zayn, Joe etc. Will we ever see the bucks there?

Matt: A year ago, I would've said no. But right now is a VERY interesting time. Anything can happen.

Nick: Never say never. If the money and situation is right with my family at the time anywhere in wrestling is a possibility.

With WWE bringing in more and more independent stars to bolster the ranks, especially NXT, what do you think are the odds that one day we'll see the Young Bucks there? I know that right now you guys are rocking it on the indys and in NJPW, but do you think the day will come when you join WWE?

Matt: If it was ever going to happen anytime, it'd be now. The business is changing. It's crazy. Anything can happen, and we're unsigned, so you never know.

Nick: One day it's possible but I don't know when. It might never happen and I'd be fine with that but the wrestling landscape is changing and one day we might fit into their Tag Team division.

There are probably already a million "will we see you in wwe questions", what I would like to know is ultimately what would make you say yes to a wwe offer, and does having friends at the company influence you wanting to work there?

Matt: The right offer, meaning money & living circumstances. We've both got families in roots here in SoCal. And yes, having friends there certainly helps.

Part of that changing landscape has to do with a couple of companies that the Jacksons do a lot of business with, Ring of Honor and New Japan. While they're sounding more open to WWE, they're bullish on those two organizations as well.

Do you think that contracts like Samoa Joe could bridge a big gap between WWE and ROH?

Nick: ROH is the number 2 company in the US now and I think they're growing more and more.

Any secrets you can tell about the future of NJPW stateside?

Matt: NJPW/ROH shows seem to be an annual thing. The partnership is strong. Other big things coming as well.

Another company that they've been linked to is Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling. Like acts like Tyrus and Moose, however, The Bucks don't seem much more committed to GFW than they would be to any other one-time booking:

Will you guys be at GFW Grand Slam Tour in San Antonio, TX?

Nick: Most likely we won't be.

Matt: We're not signed with GFW. In fact, as of this very moment, we're only booked for two shows.

Finally, this Q & A didn't shed any light onto the possibility that WWE is trying to trademark The Bullet Club's mannerisms...

Is WWE still giving you a hard time about using the "too sweet" and "suck it" stuff???

Nick: I don't think so. my fellow conspiracy theorists on that front will have to make do with these scenes from NXT's Pittsburgh house show last week:

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Do you want to see The Bucks in WWE, Cagesiders? Do you think there's a chance that Samoa Joe's deal could lead to that happening?

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