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King What's Up puts JBL in charge of his moat while the Bellas gloat in Money in the Bank Fallout videos

WWE Network might not have had a post-event special last night, but that doesn't mean the Money in the Bank action stopped when Dean Ambrose honored Dusty Rhodes with his Hard Times-esque "technicality promo".

Check out this playlist of Fallout videos from and YouTube for more reactions to the night's action and some of the competitors have planned next:

  • R-Truth names "Mooney" his court jester, Jerry Lawler his stunt double and, of course, bans spiders from his castle following his Money in the Bank victory

  • Sheamus dismissed Bray Wyatt questions and tells the WWE Universe to watch out for a Brogue Kick OUT OF NOWHERE

  • God wanted Nikki Bella to be Divas champ since she and Brie were "born" to use Twin Magic

  • PrimeTime Players do nothing to dissuade cynics from the notion that Titus O'Neil's Dad of the Year award led to their tag title win by talking about fathers and sons a lot in their celebratory promo