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Video: Dean Ambrose cuts amazing promo after loss to Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank 2015

Dean Ambrose lost to Seth Rollins in their WWE world heavyweight championship ladder match at last night's "Money in the Bank" pay-per-view (PPV) in Columbus, Ohio. After, he cut an impassioned promo. Watch!

"When I stole that championship belt a couple of weeks ago, it was about respect. It was about taking what you feel you earned. Life ain't always fair. I'm from right here in Ohio; you people know life ain't always fair. You can't get a car loan because on a technicality you don't have a good enough credit score so now you gotta walk to work, your children gotta walk to school on a technicality. Your boss pushes you around even though you're better at his job than he is and he talks to you like you're an idiot but he's the boss on a technicality. So when I took that championship it was about screw technicalities; it was about taking what's yours, what you deserved, what you feel that you earned, what you know in your heart and your soul that you deserve, that you earned. It was about just taking it.

"I'm a grown ass man. I lost fair and square tonight. I climbed that ladder and I didn't like what happened when I came down. I lost fair and square and I'm man enough to admit that. So I'm going to fix this leg and I'm going to stand up on my own two feet again and one day I'm going to be world heavyweight champion. There ain't no paper work, there ain't no technicalities, and there ain't no bullcrap that's going to stop me."