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WWE Money in the Bank 2015 match card preview: MITB Contract Ladder Match

On Sunday (June 14, 2015), seven wrestlers will go after one of the most prized possessions in WWE: a guaranteed shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Who will rise to the occasion and claim the MITB suitcase? Let's break it down...


  1. Randy Orton - 6'5"/250 lbs.
  2. Roman Reigns - 6'3"/265 lbs.
  3. Kane - 7'0"/ 323 lbs.
  4. Dolph Ziggler - 6'0"/218 lbs.
  5. Sheamus - 6'4"/267 lbs.
  6. Kofi Kingston - 6'0"/212 lbs.
  7. Neville - 5'10"/194 lbs.


With so little time between recent Pay-Per-Views and Network Exclusive Events, the build-up towards this match has been on the lesser side. Two weeks ago, at Elimination Chamber (May 31, 2015), six of the participants were simply announced for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Last week on SmackDown (June 4, 2015), Kane decided he should join the fun and also announced his entry into the match.

To build towards MITB, there have been a plethora of singles' matches between the contenders. Kofi has been in the most against Ziggler, Neville, and Reigns, respectively. Orton and Sheamus have squared off twice, each winning via disqualification.

On this past edition of SmackDown (June 11, 2015) there was a "Six Man Money Match" that included Neville, Orton, Reigns going against Kane, Kofi, and Sheamus. After a flurry of finishers, the match ended in a DQ, thanks to the New Day. Post-match Neville decided to fly and then stood tall holding the MITB case to end the show.

These matches were great and all, but if you have time to see only one thing to get excited for this Sunday, it's the promo from Raw's go-home show (June 8, 2015). Almost every wrestler got in on the action -- much to Kane's chagrin -- including a confused R-Truth, who was unaware he wasn't included in this match.


The importance of this match speaks for itself, whoever wins it, has a very good chance at becoming WWE Champion. The winner gets to decide when they want to cash-in, giving them a huge advantage. Aside from that, it's a ladder match, which always have -- sometimes frightening -- highlights that will surely blow up social media. Finally, the field itself has some solid credentials: three former MITB winners and four former World Champions.

When and Where?

On the WWE Network/PPV this Sunday (June 14, 2015) in Columbus, Ohio. With ladders in play, this match will literally be all over the place. Neville and Kofi will use their aerial skills to take out as many people as they can. Guys like Kane and Sheamus -- who have a more grounded approach -- will look to simply take out their opponents so they can easily climb the ladder. Gravity is going to take out many of these contenders, so unless the coast is clear, don't get caught up in the air.


Well, anything is possible, but it's tough to go against Roman Reigns. He's on a mission to get back to the top, and a win here would obviously skyrocket his stock back to that level. Ziggler, Neville, Kofi are in this match just for the "wow factor". Orton doesn't need the case and if Kane wins this, well, I'm finding a new hobby. To me, Sheamus is the dark horse, and by that I mean just under a one percent chance of winning.

Pick: Roman Reigns

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