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WWE Money in the Bank 2015 results, live streaming match coverage: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

WWE Money in the Bank is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., June 14, 2015) from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio at 7:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Money in the Bank below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! (Reminder: GIFs, pics, and links to illegal streams are not allowed in this thread. Offenders will be banned.)



Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose
Sheamus wins the Money in the Bank ladder match
John Cena def. Kevin Owens
Nikki Bella def. Paige
Big Show def Ryback (DQ)
The Primetime Players def The New Day (Title Change)
R-Truth def. King Barrett



BaconStrips here. Let's play with some ladders


Preshow Highlights

  • The preshow starts by addressing the death of Dusty Rhodes. Corey Graves is already starting to shed tears...this is gonna be a tough couple days.
  • Kevin Owens will be in the Social Media Lounge. Someone inform Tom Phillips' next of kin.
  • Jojo interviews Ryback about Big Show. He calls Show insecure and references Show's many turns. He eventually calls Show a Big Bully, and The Big Guy hates bowlies.
  • Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns chat in the back. Ambrose asks Reigns if there will be a heads-up if/when Reigns cashes in, and Reigns responds that Ambrose already knows.
  • Stephanie McMahon joins the preshow. Renee Young asks about Seth Rollins and his match tonight, and Stephanie says that they're going to respect Rollins' wishes and let him go it alone. She guarantees no Authority involvement (so there will be Authority involvement)
  • The announce team talks about Dusty Rhodes for a few moments before airing a tribute package. I would be lying if I said that this wasn't bringing the feels.
  • Yeah...the feels are really hitting now when they came back from the package and Renee Young was crying...damn, this is going to be a hard couple nights to blog.
  • Kevin Owens went into the Social Media Lounge and owned everyone.


R-Truth vs King Barrett

  • Truth cuts a prematch promo, saying that it felt good to wear King Barrett's king regalia, and "King WHATSUP" is going to overthrow King Barrett and appear on Game of Thrones
  • Could someone gladly tell me what King Barrett is wearing? At least his Joe Boxer trunks are gone
  • Quick start to this one as Barrett lands a kick to Truth's midsection. Truth responds with a nice head scissors followed by some arm work. Barrett goes over the top rope as we head to a commercial.
  • Back from the break and Truth is briefly in control until he eats a clothesline from Barrett. After a couple minutes, Truth retakes control with a couple clothesline and a suplex facebuster for two.
  • After a kick, Barrett readies the Bullhammer and tries to hit it, but Truth uses a crucifix to get the win.

R-Truth def King Barrett


WWE Signature.

As we head to the arena, all of the superstars are on stage as there is a ten bell salute for Dusty Rhodes. After the salute, Dusty's theme music plays.

Video package for Money in the Bank followed by pyro.


Money in the Bank Briefcase Ladder Match

  • The match starts and a brawl immediately ensues. Kofi Kingston slips out and immediately grabs a ladder and sets it up. Everyone stares at him before attacking. After Kingston is disposed of, everyone tries climbing the ladder to no avail.
  • Everyone is thrown outside except Kane and Sheamus. Sheamus climbs and grabs the briefcase, but is stopped by Kane, who gets DDT'd by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler tries to climb only to be stopped by Sheamus and White Noise.
  • Sheamus gets right to work by hitting everyone with the ladder. He eventually targets Randy Orton and goes to work on him for a moment.
  • While everyone is outside, Kingston tries to climb the ladder, but is dumped off of it by an annoyed Sheamus. He props a ladder in a corner and tries to White Noise Kingston, but he escapes. After Sheamus is hit with a dropkick by Neville, Kingston hits him with Trouble in Paradise.
  • Kingston starts setting up a ladder until Neville intervenes. They go at it for a moment until Neville monkey flips him onto the ladder. Both men brawl on the ladder until Roman Reigns intervenes. Reigns takes both men out and starts setting up a ladder until Kingston comes back
  • Reigns didn't like this much, so he powerbombs Kingston onto the corner ladder. Neville starts trying to work over Reigns, but he too is powerbombed on that ladder (while Kingston is lying on it).
  • Reigns climbs the ladder until Kane stops him with a chokeslam from the ladder. Kane starts to climb until Orton starts to intervene, eventually landing a RKO. Now Orton starts to climb until Kingston starts to stop him...until another RKO is hit.
  • As Orton tries to recover, Neville jumps the rope and climbs until Orton pulls him off and hits a huge RKO. Orton climbs again until Sheamus climbs the ladder. Sheamus touches the case, but is pulled off and taken out.
  • Orton climbs yet again until Sheamus intervenes again, this time really taking Orton out. Sheamus climbs until Ziggler runs up the ladder. The two brawl until Ziggler locks in a sleeper hold on top of the ladder and then ZIG ZAG OFF THE LADDER!
  • Neville climbs the turnbuckle and hits the Red Arrow on Sheamus. As he sells, Ziggler resets the ladder and both men climb. On top, both start trading strikes until Neville knocks Ziggler off the ladder. Neville goes for the briefcase until Kane intervenes. Kane takes both men out and then eats a Superman Punch from Reigns
  • Everyone except Reigns end up outside, and Reigns takes this opportunity to vault the rope and take everyone out. As they sell, Big E and Xavier Woods come out to help Kingston get the briefcase.
  • Kingston climbs as Reigns apron-dropkicks both Big E and Woods. Reigns then powerbombs Kingston on the other New Day members and others.
  • As Reigns gloats, Orton lines up for a RKO. Reigns dodges and hits a spear.
  • As Reigns climbs, Bray Wyatt comes from OUT OF NOWHERE and Sister Abigails Reigns. Everyone is out as Sheamus enters the ring and sets up the ladder. As Sheamus fiddles with the case, Neville climbs the ladder and tries to stop him, but to no avail. Sheamus knocks Neville off the ladder and grabs the case.

Sheamus wins the Money in the Bank briefcase


Renee Young interviews Paige about her upcoming match. She says that she hasn't had any help with taking the Bellas down since her promo on SmackDown. She vows to change the women's division by taking down The Bellas...."for you, Dusty"


Paige vs Nikki Bella (WWE Divas Championship)

  • Bell rings and the two ties up. After a couple tie-ups, Nikki hosses Paige into the corner and delivers some shoulder thrusts. Paige returns the favor with some stomps to the face.
  • Nikki rolls outside, and Paige follows with a senton. Paige starts to climb the barricade for something, but Nikki reverses and drops Paige head-first onto the barricade.
  • After a brief return to the ring, they head back ouside, where Nikki lifts the ring apron cover up. She then shoves Paige spine-first into it. She gets back into the ring and does some push-ups for good measure.
  • Nikki goes for an Alabamaslam, which Paige reverses into a sunset flip. Nikki rolls out and eats a knee from Paige (shades of one Shinsuke Nakamura for you NJPW watchers).
  • Nikki locks in a body-scissors. Paige breaks the scissors and starts delivers her knees on the outside. After a scream, Paige has her face driven off of Nikki's knee.
  • After another chinlock from Nikki, Paige breaks and hits a kick to the face for two. After the cover attempt, Paige tries for the scorpion crosslock, but walks into a spinebuster.
  • Paige gets Nikki in a corner where she delivers a high knee. She then locks in a STF until Nikki reaches the ropes. Nikki quickly recovers and hits an Alabamaslam for two.
  • Nikki tries for the Rack Attack, and Paige picks the feet and goes for the crosslock, but Nikki breaks the attempt. Nikki then hits the second-rope enziguiri for two.
  • Nikki goes for the Rack Attack, but Paige reverses into the RamPaige for two, and Paige is not impressed. She places Nikki on the top rope and both eventually start brawling until they knock each other off the rope.
  • Nikki gets to the apron where Twin Magic ensues. Brie tries to roll-up Paige, but Paige reverses the rollup to get the pin. After the bell, Brie reveals the swerve, and the ref calls-off the bell.
  • Nikki gets back inside and hits the Bellahammer and then the Rack Attack for the real win.

Nikki Bella def Paige

Yep. There's your Dusty finish.


Ryback vs Big Show (Intercontinental Championship)

  • Before the match, The Miz cuts a promo, saying that his legal team is doing stuff to bring the rightful IC Champion back. He then joins the commentary table.
  • Match starts and Ryback plants Show with a spinebuster. Show responds with a flying tackle/spear, and the two hoss back and forth for a bit. Miz also got destroyed as well (I was getting a drink during this)
  • Show goes for a chokeslam, but Ryback reverses and locks in an armbar(?!?). Show is able to turn his body and reach the ropes. Ryback suplexes Show and goes for a Meat Hook, but Show hits a chokeslam for two.
  • Show heats up the WMD and aims at Ryback. Show goes for the punch, but Ryback dodges and goes for ShellShock, but Show powers out and hits the KO Punch, but Ryback rolls out of the ring.
  • As Ryback is rolled back in, Miz comes in and attacks Show, causing a DQ.

Big Show def Ryback by DQ


John Cena vs Kevin Owens

  • I should note that I'm currently wearing my "KO" shirt
  • Bell rings, and the two circle the ring. The crowd is insanely hot for this one.
  • The two tie up and Owens whips Cena, who respond with a shoulder block. Owens is not impressed.
  • The two tie back up, and Owens hits a shoulder block this time around. The two start trading words as a "NXT" chant starts. Cena starts to work the arm, but Owens respond with a good right hand as he slows the match to his pace.
  • Owens is whipped again and eats a big clothesline. Owens responds with a dropkick and senton for two. Owens takes it to Chinlock City for a moment until Cena breaks the hold and delivers a dropkick of his own. Cena starts to rally until Owens reverses a Protobomb and delivers Cena's moves. Owen's then delivers the Five Knuckle Shuffle.
  • Owens goes for the AA, but Cena reverses and locks a STF in. Owens breaks the move and goes for another AA, and Cena reverses into an inverted suplex for two.
  • After Owens gets up, he delivers a Codebreaker for two. He then goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Cena's momentum gets him over and he delivers his Protobomb and Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the AA, but Owens reverses into a German suplex followed by the Cannonball for two.
  • Both men start trading blows in the middle of the ring until Owens delivers a slightly messy White Noise (Cena didn't set his legs right) for two. Owens goes for a Swanton, but Cena gets his knees up (OUCH!!!).
  • Cena gets up and delivers an electric chair facebuster, but Owens kicks out at two. Cena delivers an AA ,but Owens kicks out at two (POWERS OUT). Cena gets in Mike Chioda's face after the count.
  • Cena climbs the top rope and goes for a Super AA ,but Owens reverses into an electric chair sit-out powerbomb for two. The crowd (and all of us) is loving this.
  • Owens gets Cena up and goes for the Pop-up Powerbomb, but Cena reverses into a hurricurrana. A superkick follows for two. Cena soon follows up with a good tornado DDT for two.
  • Cena goes up for his leg drop, but Owens dodges and hits the Side Package Powerbomb for two. This match is freaking awesome!
  • Owens pulls Cena toward the corner and goes for a double-jump moonsault, but Owens dodges and eats a second AA....FOR TWO!!!
  • Cena pulls Owens to the corner and start positioning him for a superplex, but Owens turns it into an avalanche fisherman's buster for two!!!
  • Owens tries to follow-up, but Cena locks in a second STF. Owens reaches the ropes and gets up, and Cena follows with a YOSHI TONIC(?!?!?!?) FOR TWO.
  • Owens starts flooring Cena with some big strikes while yelling at him. Owens shoves Cena for another Pop-up Powerbomb attempt, but Cena hits a springboard stunner. A third AA ends Owens.

John Cena def Kevin Owens

Despite Cena winning, that was an AWESOME match.

After the match, Cena stands in the middle of the ring. He talks to Owens a bit  as the crowd cheers. Cena hands Owens the NXT Title and offers his hand, and Owens hesistantly shakes.

As Cena raises Owens' hand, Owens Spartan kicks Cena out of the ring. Owens then delivers A FRIGGING APRON BOMB TO CENA!!! Trainers and refs come down as Owens takes his title and Cena's US Title. Owens throws the US Title toward Cena as he raises his own NXT Title as he laughs like a madman.


Renee Young interviews Dean Ambrose. He denies parading Bourbon Street with the WWE Title before remembering that he actually did that. He brings up last year's Money in the Bank when he was robbed by Kane. Ambrose also says that Rollins is all alone against the lunatic, and Ambrose is going for the payday.

The Dusty Rhodes tribute video is played again.


The Primetime Players vs The New Day (Xavier Woods and Big E (Tag Team Championship

  • Before the match, The New Day cut a promo on how Kofi Kingston was robbed, and saying that cheaters never prosper while referencing the Ohio State Buckeyes. Big E tells us that Kofi needs the "clap therapy he so desperately needs." The crowd responds with the "New Day sucks" chant, which causes Xavier Woods to snap a bit.
  • Woods and Darren Young start. A bit of chain wrestling ensues until Big E is tagged in and a suplex stops the rally. Corner stomps ensue from New Day.
  • Woods and Big E start working over Young with some hoss moves and a good ol' fashioned abdominal stretch (Big E does the New Day Sucks clap cadence during the stretch).Young breaks the hold and runs into another suplex.
  • After a long time of Young taking abuse, Titus O'Neil is tagged in and goes to town. He destroys Woods and Big E for a bit. Although Young is speared out of his boots by Big E, O'Neil keeps working over Woods, ending with Clash of the Titus for the win.

The Primetime Players def The New Day (Title Change)


Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt is announced for Battleground


Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

  • As Seth Rollins makes his way toward the arena, he is taunted by Kane, saying that the future is history. Steph also says that the weight of the company is on his shoulders, and there will be no one to blame but Rollins should he fail. Trips tells Rollins to "show them why I chose you"
  • As Lillian Garcia introduces them, both Ambrose and Rollins just glare into each others' eyes.
  • The bell rings, and both men start going at a fast pace with Ambrose hitting some shoulder blocks and chops. Ambrose them slows it down and starts torturing Rollins a bit with some hair pulling and a kick to the kidneys.
  • Rollins starts to mount an offense with some strikes and corner kicks. He throws Ambrose outside and starts going for a ladder, but Ambrose stops him on the apron and suplexes him right back inside the ring. He has some words with Rollins before delivering a lariat and his corner clothesline/bulldog combo.
  • Rollins comes back with a STO into the turnbuckle. A knee to the back sends Ambrose outside, and Rollins follows with a scoop slam on the outside. Ambrose is then introduced to the steel steps before Rollins goes for a ladder.
  • As Rollins saunters toward a ladder, Ambrose ambushes him with a suicide dive. Ambrose grabs a ladder and brings it to ringside when Rollins hits from behind. Ambrose reverses a Rollins whip toward the ladder, and Rollins jumps to the ladder and right to the apron. He goes for a suicide dive and connects with the ladder.
  • Ambrose sets up the ladder and both men jockey for position, with both eventually climbing each side. After a bit, Rollins is thrown into the ladder, knocking it down.
  • Ambrose props the ladder in between the top two ropes and goes for a suplex. Rollins tries to reverse into one of his own. Eventually, Ambrose delivers a double underhook suplex onto the ladder.
  • After a scoop slam to Rollins, Ambrose sets up a ladder and climbs it and DELIVERS A BIONIC ELBOW FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!
  • Rollins is dumped outside, and Ambrose climbs the ladder. However, Rollins comes in with a chair and clobbers Ambrose's leg. This sends Ambrose falling off the ladder while clutching his knee.
  • Rollins starts to climb as Ambrose tries to stop him while hobbling on one leg. The ladder eventually ends up on Ambrose's bum leg, and Rollins starts targeting that leg by using the rope and a ladder to said limb.
  • A dragon screw takes Ambrose off his leg, and then his bad leg becomes sandwiched in a ladder as Rollins works it over. Rollins starts to taunt Ambrose until Ambrose starts to build a comeback....until Ambrose's leg is wrapped around the ring post. A ringpost figure-four follows as Ambrose screams in pain.
  • Back in the ring, Ambrose is trapped in another figure four. After a slap fight, Ambrose reverses the pressure on Rollins until he wiggles out. He is then string up in a tree of woe as Rollins gets another chair and hits the bad leg. Rollins then climbs the buckle and stomps Ambrose's neck.
  • Rollins finally sets up the ladder and starts climbing. Ambrose escapes the tree of woe and pushes the ladder down. He starts to slowly mount a comeback until he eats a ladder during a pendulum clothesline try.
  • Ambrose's leg is sandwiched again and Rollins starts to hit it with a chair as Ambrose yells obscenities at him. Rollins climbs the buckle and takes too much time as he is hit with a flying chair Ambrose tries for a superplex to the ladder, but his bad leg prevents it. As he comes to, Rollins tries for a springboard knee and is crotched. He is then clotheslined out of his boots.
  • Ambrose starts to mount another comeback and Cactus Clotheslines Rollins to the floor. Rollins crawls away as Ambrose follows. Ambrose is shoved into the barricade as Rollins returns to the ring. As Ambrose limps back, a ladder is launched at him which he dodges. Back inside, Ambrose hits the pendulum clothesline after a couple tries.
  • Rollins tries to escape through the crowd as Ambrose gives chase. The two fight to the medic area where Ambrose is thrown into a steel barricade. Rollins returns to the ring to get his title.
  • As Rollins tries to get a ladder, Ambrose comes from out of nowhere and takes Rollins out after running on the announce tables. Ambrose then bridges the ladder between the table and ring. You can guess what's going to happen...
  • Rollins lifts Ambrose for a powerbomb, but Ambrose gets out and BACK DROPS ROLLINS ONTO THE LADDER!!!
  • Ambrose goes outside and gets a fresh ladder to set up. Ambrose starts to climb with one leg until Rollins catches him in a powerbomb grip. Ambrose reverses into a hurricurrana and clotheslines Rollins over the Spanish table.
  • The two start fighting on the Spanish table until DIRTY DEEDS ON THE TABLE!
  • Ambrose struggles into the ring and starts to climb again. He touches the title when Rollins runs into the ring and hits Ambrose's knee with the TV monitor.
  • After the monitor strike, Rollins starts climbing, but Ambrose makes it up and starts pulling his leg. Rollins then delivers a Pedigree to end it. He starts rolling to the other side of the ladder to start climbing. He reaches the title when Ambrose somehow makes up up the ladder and pulls him off.
  • Rollins is dumped outside, and he goes into full Kill Mode. Rollins is powerbombed into the ring barricade, but Rollins isn't done yet. Ambrose is powerbombed into the other barricade.
  • Is Rollins done yet? Nope. He starts pulling a bunch of chairs out from under the ring. After setting them up, Ambrose is powerbombed onto a ladder and the chairs. Rollins throws more chairs and flips the ladder onto Ambrose. More chairs are thrown for good measure.
  • Rollins FINALLY makes it back into the ring and starts climbing the ladder, but AMBROSE IS ALIVE!!! HE GETS IN THE RING AND CATCHES UP TO ROLLINS!
  • The two brawl on the ladder and both men grab the title. The belt becomes unbuckled and both men fall from the ladder, but Rollins keeps a hold of it to win.

Seth Rollins def Dean Ambrose

As Rollins celebrates, Triple H comes down to congratulate him.

Jojo comes down and asks for Rollins' reaction. "I TOLD YA SO!!!"