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WWE Money in the Bank 2015 match card preview: Nikki Bella versus Paige

The Fearless WWE Diva's Champion, Nikki Bella, puts on her title on the line against "the Anti-Diva" Paige this Sunday at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

Divas Championship

The Match Up:

The WWE Diva's Champion, Nikki Bella, will defend her title against number one contender, Paige, at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.  Paige looks to become a three time WWE Diva's Champion, while Nikki Bella will be closer to breaking AJ's record for longest reign with the Diva's title with a win this Sunday.

The Road to Money in the Bank:

These two ladies first crossed paths last fall when Nikki Bella was interjected into the feud between Paige and the now retired AJ Lee.  One of the first times the two faced off was in a triple threat match for the WWE Diva's title at Night of Champions last September.  Although Paige walked into the event as a two time Diva's Champion, she lost the title to AJ Lee when she tapped out in the Black Widow.

Months later, Nikki Bella would earn an opportunity at the single's match for the WWE Diva's Championship at the 2014 Survivor Series pay-per-view.  The match made waves specifically for two reasons.

One - AJ lost the title when she was distracted by Brie Bella kissing her.

Two - Um, didn't Nikki Bella just totally wish her twin sister died in the womb, like, not too long ago and then won a match to force her into servitude?  Why is she helping her evil sister win the title?  Why are they hugging and celebrating?  What is going on here?

The start of Nikki Bella's second Diva's title run left something to be desired.  As a matter of fact, her overall improvement as a performer aside, her entire second Diva's title run has left a lot to be desired.  Her best matches have generally come on the lesser watched shows, like Main Event. She has not be allowed to defend her title at the last two "big" pay-per-views, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 31. Instead, the Diva's Champion was involved in pointless matches at both events.

Paige's run since losing the Diva's Championship can be described the same way, actually.  Honestly, I cannot remember much about what she did right after losing the title.  I suppose that was during the period she was doing the whole "frienemy" thing with AJ again or Alicia Foxx.  Paige was always involved but rarely given anything memorable or enough time to wrestle in the ring.  Sensing a pattern?

Well, right after Fastlane, the WWE Universe decided that it was time for the boys in the back to #GiveDivasAChance.  Guess what?  They have not.  I could go on and on about the "build up" for this match but, honestly, the WWE does not care.  The cat was let out of the bag about how the main roster women are treated.  They are neither heels or faces.  They're just different versions of the same crazy, catty woman who cannot seem to figure out how to get along with other crazy, catty women.

For those who are interested in this buildup, here is what happened the last time Nikki and Paige wrestled each other:

And here is Paige's promo on the Bella's last week:

Yeah . . .

The Stakes

The WWE Diva's Championship is on the line but I have a feeling these ladies, as well as the other main roster women, feel compelled to attempt to perform on the same level as the ladies in a certain  WWE developmental promotion.  If given time (I know, I know) Nikki Bella and Paige could be a really hard-hitting and fun match on the card.  I predict Nikki Bella will actually break AJ Lee's title reign record which unfortunately means my lovely little Paige will feel a Rack Attack or two and eat defeat.

Who do you have your money on?

WWE Money In the Bank airs Sunday, June 14 on the WWE Network at 7 pm central time.  Join us here at Cageside Seats in the live thread!

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