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WWE Money in the Bank 2015 match card preview: The New Day vs. PrimeTime Players

Tag Team Championship Match

The New Day (c) vs. The PrimeTime Players

The tag team is back! Darren Young and Titus O'Neil have quickly emerged as a viable threat to the New Day's championship reign. Will the power of positivity be corrupted by millions of dollars?

The Road to Money in the Bank

The New Day gimmick was falling flat on its face as recently as WrestleMania 31, and it was crystal clear that this talented trio was not getting over as babyfaces. So WWE called an audible and turned them heel, and that wise decision provided the New Day with an opportunity to become one of the most entertaining acts on the show every single night. They immediately won the tag team championships from Cesaro and Tyson Kidd at Extreme Rules, and it has been a joy to watch these guys find new ways to clap and cheat their way to victory.

Meanwhile it wasn't long ago that the PrimeTime Players would barely receive any television time, aside from some ineffective pre-taped comedy segments where they poked fun at all of the other tag teams in WWE. So it was pretty shocking when the PrimeTime Players actually wiped out the former champs Cesaro and Kidd from the Elimination Chamber match two weeks ago and made a strong run right to the very end of that high stakes match. But the New Day's extra man advantage was a little too much for Darren and Titus to overcome on that night.

That Chamber match was a turning point for the PrimeTime Players because it signaled that WWE was going to give them at least a short-term push. And so it wasn't surprising at all later that week when the PrimeTime Players became the number one contenders to the tag team titles by defeating both the Lucha Dragons and the Ascension in a triple threat match on SmackDown.

One important factor to keep an eye on in this match is Kofi Kingston's availability. The New Day might be a little shorthanded at Money In The Bank because Kofi Kingston is competing in a brutal ladder match with the likes of Roman Reigns and Randy Orton. Depending on which match goes on earlier, Kofi Kingston might not be around to clap his teammates on to victory. Can the New Day find a way to squeeze out a win if they don't have that third man ringside?

What's at Stake?

The landscape of the tag team division has changed quite a bit now that Tyson Kidd and Jey Uso have been shelved by injuries. As a result, the PrimeTime Players have a legitimate claim to being the most over babyface tag team on the roster and deserving of a run with the titles.

With that in mind, the outcome of this match could reveal if this push for the PrimeTime Players has any long-term potential. Who knows, with a win at Money In The Bank they could possibly find themselves in a meaningful spot on the SummerSlam card in a couple of months.

But if the New Day retains their championships, it might indicate that WWE is simply in the midst of rotating babyface challengers for the New Day while they are still hot. The New Day has even brushed shoulders with The Authority in recent weeks, so their stock is at an all-time high and it feels like they have a lot of life left in this championship reign.

Will this be the summer of millions of dollars? Tune into Money In The Bank 2015 and keep it here on Cageside Seats to see which team walks out as champions!