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WWE Money in the Bank 2015 match card preview: Ryback vs. Big Show


Ryan Allaen Reeves, aka Ryback. 6'3", 291 pounds from Las Vegas, Nevada. Current WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. Former contestant on the Million Dollar Tough Enough. Former contestant on NXT. Went undefeated for about six months in 2013, then somehow main evented a PPV because no other main-eventer was available. Teamed with former charisma vacuum Curtis Axel. Sometimes called "The Ryback". Once was called dumb as fuck. Has  quite the issue with press slamming people on tables. Once a part of a tag team called High Dosage. Big guy.

Paul Wight, aka The Big Show. 7'0", 425 pounds from Tampa, Florida. Once billed as 7'2", 500 pounds. Once weight 507 pounds. Seven-time world champion, eleven-time tag team champion. The only man to win the Big Three world titles of the modern era. Once called a giant, big nasty bastard, knucklehead, and Captain Insano. Was once a contestant on Are You Smarter than A Fifth Grader? on two continents. Also, the weakest link. Hijacker of chants not meant for him and ruiner of everything. Face. Heel. Face. Heel. Pretty sure he is heel, though he may be face by the time you read this. Also a big guy.


Um... reasons? But no, seriously...


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The World Wrestling Entertainment Intercontinental Heavyweight Wrestling Championship.


Show of hands if you thought "The Ryback" would ever win a championship in WWE. Yeah. I'm surprised as much as you are, but that's what happened two weeks ago when THE BIG HUNGRY became the champion of Intercontinent, which these days, is something you want no part of. Not even a little bit. The championship's changed hands eleven times (including two vacancies) in the last year. Dolph Ziggler won and lost it three times. The Miz and Wade Barrett won and lost it twice each. Daniel Bryan won it, then almost immediately got hurt. Again. So maybe, just maybe THE BIG GUY can reverse the curse.

Oh joy. Big Show's back.

And I think he was crying last Monday. Also, why hasn't the Ryback been fed more? Seriously, what is WWE feeding him?

If you were expecting more, then I'm sorry to tell you, you're shit out of luck.


No way are they taking the belt off a guy who just won his first championship two weeks ago Sunday.


But I wouldn't be surprised if they did. They won't. I expect a successful title defense for The Ryback, whether it be beating the Big Nasty Bastard or getting a disqualification win thanks to fellow ruiner of everything Mike Mizanin.

Come back here at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific Sunday and watch two Vince McMahon big guys lumber for 15 minutes for your entertainment. Or help us devise a plan on how Vacant can get his belt back.