Making a Case For Why Each Man Could Be The Winner of The Money in The Bank Match

As of the eve of Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns is the overwhelming favorite to win the Money in the Bank (MiTB) ladder match. Nobody likes when the WWE is predictable, so here's my case for each member of the match having a chance at winning:

Roman Reigns

The easiest and most obvious call, there are a lot of ways you could go with Reigns as Mr. Money in the Bank. He could ditto what Rollins did to him over the past year, and use the briefcase as a vehicle to turn heel, or, perhaps (gasp) even double-turn with Rollins.

Perhaps a better thing to put here, though, is why Reigns perhaps WON'T win the briefcase. The case I will make is that he doesn't need it; the MiTB is a built-in storyline best reserved for someone ascending into the title picture, not someone who's already there. Reigns has already been number 1 contender multiple times, so why should he now need a briefcase? Unless we are to believe that Reigns will immediately cash-in (which I don't think will happen), there's no need to put the case on someone who's already in the title picture; if so, who will Rollins / Ambrose feud with after MiTB and before the cash-in? This is reminiscent of the 2013 MiTB WWE title match where everyone thought Daniel Bryan would win and cash-in the next night for a match at Summerslam. Instead, Randy Orton won, and was used to enter the main event feud. While this is a different scenario (due in large part to Cena's injury), I think it still serves to show that the MiTB case doesn't need to be put on someone who is already in the title picture.

Dolph Ziggler

If we are to believe the rumors that Vince wants to push Lana as the female face of the WWE, what better way to do that than to be the valet for Mr. Money in the Bank, and presumably the future WWE World Heavyweight Champion? In addition, Dolph has been stuck in midcard purgatory for a couple years now and a win of the briefcase would perhaps give him a chance to gain a ton of momentum, and actually have direction (perhaps a heel turn on the cash-in?) Dolph's first cash-in produced one of the biggest pops in recent memory, and he was a legitimately hot act until his concussion derailed his title run; as a person who is admittedly not as high on Dolph as many others are, I think a title run would be, possibly, a very successful venture.


err...uh... he'd be successful because...uh, we'll get back to him.


The future is now! Neville could springboard (pun kind of accidental but kinda not) his way to the top of the company via a MiTB win here, and it might be the right call; his NXT title run was much better than people forecasted it to be due to his rapid development in character work and on the mic. On the main roster, Neville has been very impressive, but has lacked direction; after a random mini-feud with Bad News Barrett and a rehash of the NXT title feud with Bo Dallas, Neville is without a new feud to pursue. Before Neville becomes Evan Bourne 2.0 and spends his career as an upper mid-carder and hot-tag aficionado, perhaps it would be best to pull the trigger early on one of the greatest highflyers WWE has ever been blessed to have while he still has the fans attention.

Randy Orton

The Viper enters this MiTB much like he entered the match in 2013 where he won - flying under the radar and seemingly just there because "he's a main event guy and we don't have anything else in mind right now". I could make a joke about him being a snake coiled and ready to strike, but I'll save you all the trouble. Although his feud with Rollins has more-or-less taken its course, Orton is a proven commodity at the top of the card and a guy that perhaps could add some stability to a main-event scene that has, in all honesty, floundered a bit in its transition to new players in the spotlight. Plus, there's always the chance that we could get that Randy Orton / Brock Lesnar match we all wanted near the end of last year...

Kane (Take 2)


...Let's see, are their other people left in this match that I haven't talked about? There are? Wonderful!

Kofi Kingston

Now this one makes for some FUN fantasy booking. The Kofi Kingston of old was a guy that we knew was only in the MiTB match to make it fun, but with his re-emergence as a member of the NEW DAY, we have potentially a very fun player in the match itself. Kofi, but more so the New Day as a whole, was actually booked fairly strong in his/their match against Roman Reigns, which may be indicative of the New Day's involvement in the MiTB match; having the numbers advantage would give them a way of winning the title without making anyone else look bad, and in winning the briefcase would allow, as I believe either Matt Roth or Sean said in the Elimination Chamber recap show, them to pursue the story in which they follow what Xavier said and simultaneously are title holders, making for the most interesting MiTB storyline in history. Can you imagine New Day cashing in on Roman Reigns in a de-facto 3-1 handicap match? New Day has been getting massive heat and will never have more momentum, which could potentially make for a successful MiTB run.

Perhaps this is looking too much into it, but Brock Lesnar's advertised opponent on July 4th is Kofi Kingston; I could envision a scenario in which Kofi enters as Mr. MiTB, gets demolished by Lesnar, and then he, along with Big E and Xavier, begin doing whatever they can to prevent Lesnar from getting the WWE WHC, as they know they'll never be able to successfully cash in on him if he wins it.


Despite eating a pin from Ryback at Elimination Chamber, Sheamus has kinda been on fire in his revamped heel role. He was put over big by Randy Orton (I know, none of us cared, but still), and as a whole has been booked like a main-event guy, which would be a curious decision if it doesn't amount to anything. Sheamus as Mr. MiTB works, too; he's a good worker who has flourished in his "bully" role, and could provide us with a number of interesting feuds down the line - against Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, a face-turned Seth Rollins, or even (gasp) Brock Lesnar. In addition, what else is Sheamus going post MiTB if he doesn't win? Feud with Randy Orton?

...He's going to feud with Randy Orton, isn't he?

Ok, I think that's everyone that's it for my predictions! Please let me know what you think in the Com- wait what? I missed someone?

Kane (Take 3)



OK! What if they did this storyline where he won and became the golden boy of the author...No wait what if he won and put on a mask and became this hideous monst-Nevermind we'll get back to him. CRAPBASKETS HE'S THE ONLY ONE LEFT TO TALK ABOUT.

Kane (Take 4)

...He's a safe worker and they don't want the main event superstars getting hurt?

Kane (Take 5)


Ok so the MiTB match is 22 minutes in and everyone has just hit their finisher on Kane. He is dumped to the floor while the other 6 participants begin ascending the ladder. Everything looks grim for Kane until...




Mojo Rawley makes his main roster debut shoving over the ladder, sending everyone flying. Kane looks up astonished, then moves faster then we've ever seen him before, up the ladder to become Mr. MiTB. Kane gets repackaged as "Kardio Kane", and adopts every part of Mojo's gimmick into his own (including the offense and bright-colored trunks). Kane promises to be the most hyped Mr. MiTB ever.

After the main-event, Rollins retains but is laid out. Kardio Kane sprints down to the ring and instead of cashing in, begins talking to a member of the audience, who has a stopwatch, where it is revealed that Kane was just running to try to improve his time in the 100-meter dash.


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