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Twitter reaction to Kevin Owens big night at WWE Elimination Chamber spends a lot of time gibing Jim Cornette

We in the internet wrestling fan community weren't the only ones freaking out last night (May 31, 2015) when Kevin Owens hit his second Pop-Up (or Poppa, as Michael Cole and Geno Mrosko like to call it) Powerbomb to finish John Cena at Elimination Chamber.

Owens peers, current & former bosses and industry legends were as well.

Let's start with the niceties. Based Haitch was a proud patron:

Somebody with some experience running talent development & relations also liked how Trips' guy did - and how Cena & WWE helped present him:

And a Hall of Famer who also had a look that a lot of critics said would keep him out of the main event chimed in:

Brotherly love was flowing from friends and co-workers on the independent scene:

And down at The WWE Performance Center:

Then, it was time to go after a guy that Owens famously butted heads with backstage while both were with Ring of Honor...

(It should be noted that the Bucks and Jim Cornette are both tied to Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling - whatever that turns out to be - so there's an element of potential angle to their continued Twitter sniping)

Cornette defended himself, or at least clarified his position:

While a certain Submission Machine was all business...

No word from Planet Zayn.


Did we miss any, Cagesiders? Add them in the comments below!

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