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If you can take down this preview, you can watch tonight's Lucha Underground

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Heading into the final three months of season one (tonight is episode 26 of a 39 show order), things keep rolling in Dario Cueto's Temple tonight (May 6, 2015).

The Crew (Bael, Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco) were handpicked by Cueto to wear his Trios Championship belts for the first time, but the unit some are calling "The Underdogs" defied the odds one more time to beat them and earn the honor of carrying the straps. Still unable to get along outside the ring and with Ivelisse now in an ankle cast, will they be in any position to fend off another challenge from El Jefe's boys tonight?

(Ivelisse calling this "just a crossbody" is the best)

Entertaining as they are, Son of Havok, Angelico & Ivelisse will not be the stars of this show, and that's because there are two matches with major implications for the main LU singles' title on tonight's card.

Current titleholder has to partner up with his mentor's friend Hernandez, who's already double-dealing with Dario - and maybe Konnan, too - for a shot at Prince Puma's belt. Will they stay on the same page to get a victory over Cage & King Cuerno, or will Super-Mex use this opportunity to get some licks in on the champ?

Either way, Hernandez will face the winner of a dream match between Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron. The AAA champ's alignment has been tough to pin down on this show...will he stay on the straight and narrow while fighting to get into a lucha for #1 contender status, or escalate the locker room mind games he's already shone a willingness to run on Mundo.

While we keep an eye out for that fan (who looks a lot like WWE, TNA and Ring of Honor veteran Shawn Daivari) accepts Texano's invitation to meet him for an official match, this week's exclusive preview clip updates us on Black Lotus' status. Looks like she's ready to get the revenge quest started, but her lucha libre sensei begs to differ has other ideas:

Get fully caught up on last week's show here, or read any/all of Manolo's Rundowns for this season here.

Then tune in at 8PM Eastern tonight on El Rey (or Saturday at 4PM on UniMás, or whenever on Sling TV) and follow the twists and turns of a great television series - no qualifier about it being a wrestling show required.

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