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WWE Raw Fallout videos (May 4, 2015): Watch the show after the show with New Day, Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn and more!

Last night was an exception, but the post-match "Fallout" videos that WWE releases on their YouTube channel once Raw is off the air are often better than anything that comes on USA Network from 8PM Eastern until some time after 11PM.

Superstars and Divas cut promos that are a little less scripted, and build angles that fans would love to see play out on television - and sometimes they even do!

The newest crop of videos feature:

- The New Day celebrating their three-on-two handicap victory over Roman Reigns & Randy Orton (and Big E calling Renee Young "NeNe" a lot)

- Dean Ambrose being cut off for a word "bigger" stars are allowed to say on the air all the time

- Naomi's version of the "new Nation" gimmick

- Sami Zayn being likeable and playing off his injured shoulder

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