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Rusev officially out of Intercontinental title Elimination Chamber match

It's official.


It was reported earlier today that Rusev would be appearing at tonight's Elimination Chamber event at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, even if he doesn't wrestle. Now, WWE has officially announced that he is out of the Intercontinental title Elimination Chamber match:

Due to a leg injury suffered earlier this week, Rusev is not medically cleared to compete in tonight's Elimination Chamber Match for the vacated Intercontinental Title.

No replacement was named, with WWE instead electing to ask fans to tune into the WWE Network when the event goes live to find out who will take his place. Recent rumors have suggested Bray Wyatt will find himself in one of those pods, but that's unconfirmed. Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Big Show, and Kane are just a few more names who aren't currently booked in matches on the show and are available if need be.

Stay tuned.

Follow along with Elimination Chamber tonight right here.

UPDATE: Booker T remarked on the Kickoff Show that the replacement will be a "former world champion." That rules out both Reigns and Wyatt, while Orton, Show, and Kane are still eligible. Also eligible and available? The Miz.

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