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The REC Awards: May 24-30, 2015

Here we are at a surprise PPV Sunday with the return of the Elimination Chamber show. Before we enjoy this show (which should be quite good I might add), let us enjoy some fun REC Awards



The Last Raw at Nassau Coliseum: Live Report - Yourroleandyou

WWE Is Still ‘80s TV - ThingsandStuff

A venture into the elusive WWE house show - kayfabe queen

Dear Roman Reigns: I'm sorry - salvatore.cusmano

SmackDown in Wilkes-Barre, PA aka My First Live Show in Almost 8 years - niklarus

Nightmare Booking for WrestleMania 32 - Appledough Chronicles

TNA and Its Bizarre Way of Seeing Things - Armads


Comments (link to album)

First, suiko and Raging Jericholic speculate on Seth Rollins' "Oh shit" face. Sandow's Superior and Midnight Deeds respond

Raging Jericholic, Yourroleandyou, cmujoiseyboy, and Face Off post obligatory responses to Chris Jericho being hacked

Flashking posts an idea for a match. People respond with stipulations and puns and stuff

jerrycakes responds to a TNA rumor, and Sandow's Superior makes a pun. The whole world follows

LoneStranger responds to a rumor about Samoa Joe. Sandow's Superior and others play with TNA puns to piss Joe off


Afroamongfew has a question about Dean Ambrose:

South of Heaven makes fun of people jobbing to R-Truth. KDidz responds:

Blinkocracy tells us things that need to happen. Rivan King respond with a problem:

suiko posts greatness:

Kagami has a problem:

The Canadian Cynic posts a warning to Ric Flair:

LadyBlack puns and leaves:

Los_Bastardos speaks truth in regards to Scott Hall's recovery:

suiko posts another obligatory response to Jericho getting hacked. DFreshMMA responds:

KDidz makes a sad point:

GhostOfLinkGaetz looks deeper into the 1,006 Holds list:

Chocolate Midget takes it home:

14fizzpatrick realizes something:

South of Heaven has an idea for a match. anthony.dewayne.mack responds:

Marc Quill has a question regarding Brock Lesnar's upcoming return. shaner5000, Uncle Lake, and Periander answer:

MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns has a theory. Rocker234 wins:

Mr. P.Teacher makes a good point:

Mirast evaluates Tyson Kidd:

Jazzghul has an idea:

Blinkocracy discusses something from NXT:

The Good, The Bad, & The Awesome posts a wonderful GIF:

D.E.O. reacts to Kevin Owens imminently being called up:

SelasDray worries. drock1331 responds:

Engineer brethigh prepares us for a journey. The Notorious Eddie Mac corrects the engineer. blueandorange4life makes a reference:

Ballom reacts Owens replacing Rusev:

South of Heaven makes a plea to Owens. LadyBlack responds with truth, and DFreshMMA responds:

M. GOMEZ realizes something. South of Heaven responds:

MikeThePatsFan, komarov, and That_1_Guy reacts to Owens possibly getting involved in Money in the Bank:

Kagami reacts to how Kevin Owens learned to promo. DallasDriller, Necro_lurker, The Amazing A-hole, and NuclearSun respond:

Kevin Kostka, TheCourtOfOwls, DallasDriller, and Raging Jericholic had some good idea for Kevin Owens to come out on Monday's Raw:

Mr. Poindexter debuts with an amazing homemade poster:

Appledough Chronicles points out intelligence from

alexmonro83 shoots down that poll:

Drew Nicholas reviews Raw. TheJudge797 judges, and AntonSirius responds.

Further down, chazerize wins:

DomCatz uses a GIF to sum up Raw. People respond to this amazingness

ThreeClownPrince has a simple message to TNA:

D.E.O. reacts to Destination America picking up Ring of Honor:

The Beast Incarnate asks THE question. VerifiedShawn can't handle it:

BIGPALE imagines an exchange. KDidz responds:

The Notorious Eddie Mac responds to a rumored matchup. anthony.dewayne.mack and WhatsAMataHari respond:

Larrymentalboy reacts to a KO rumor. MayorOfSuplexCity, jerrycakes, and Steve Sypa respond:

MayorOfSuplexCity has a question. Sandow's Superior gives the correct answer:

Sandow's Superior responds to a rumor. Zentrification, C-Note86, and others respond:

MayorOfSuplexCity goes obligatory:

TotalScrub delivers a surprise. Brigade17 responds:

Zentrification makes a clarification. LadyBlack responds:

LadyBlack responds to a rumor. Sandow's Superior and Zentrification respond:

suiko GIFs:

LadyBlack has some fun:

Punk is Dead has a marvel idea. Sandow's Superior, thisisjustaride, and others respond:

shaqustewart93 makes an excellent point:

The Amazing A-hole posts a meme. TotalScrub corrects said meme:

Zentrification responds to a rumor:

The Boss Ain't Ratchet also responds to one:

Sandow's Superior has a message:

MayorOfSuplexCity chants:

The Boss Ain't Ratchet brings up GFW. Insanity follows:

SpyroDash has a question. Zentrification and Magnus Magnolius answer:

Jon Benne responds to Rusev getting hurt:

treybeez has a simple way to replace Rusev at Elimination Chamber. The Notorious Eddie Mac, blueandorange4life, and suiko react:

Blank x2 wins:

Lordban reacts to SmackDown spoilers:

ThePollux8 reacts to a spoiler:

Boxingnut4324 reads spoilers:

Danger Zone has a question. LadyBlack and Midnight Deeds answer:

GiantStorm mourns for the WWE App. Kevin Kostka responds:

mrsocko relates to Shelton Benjamin:

The_Voice_of_Treason has a demand:

And to end this week, both drock1331 and rancho king pull out the best part of the best interview of the year with the NXT 4. WWE, take note of their answer:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Enjoy Elimination Chamber, and we'll see you next week for more insanity!

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