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Rumor Look Back: Nov 24-Nov 30, 2014

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Welcome to the Rumor Look Back, where we look back to the rumors posted here 6 months ago and see how they really played out. This time 6 months ago was Thanksgiving, which means the Colt Cabana podcast where CM Punk broke his silence hit. Plus Sting had just appeared on Survivor Series.

Now let's get to those rumors!

November 24th, 2014

Sting’s Survivor Series debut the night prior was apparently a last minute decision.

Let’s hope that WWE makes as awesome of a last minute decision for the Elimination Chamber tonight.

There are two rumors going around, the obvious that Sting will work a match with Triple H at WrestleMania. Another that he will work with the Undertaker.

With two conflicting rumors, only one can be true. It is the former that is accurate. I wonder if at this time, WWE didn’t actually know what they wanted to do with Sting at Mania, though Survivor Series really set up Triple H vs. Sting. (1/2)

The first rumor is announced that Punk and the UFC may have some workings going on to sign Punk as a fighter. Other rumors are of Bellator making a play for Punk as well.

Tough to grade the nitty gritty of this rumor, such as if Bellator made an offer or tried for Punk. I am going to grade the UFC part as true. The comment section in this round up has its doubts if Dana White would really sign the 36-year-old Punk. Some still have their doubts on whether it was a good move.

Here is Bobby Lashley saying he wished CM Punk had been able to fight in the Octagon prior to the UFC signing. (1/1)

Because the Royal Rumble is in Philadelphia this year, WWE is looking for a couple ECW guys as surprise entrants.

Well, they only got one, in Bully Ray. Who else would you have liked to see from the old Philly promotion? (1/1)

The long delay of the introduction of the Woods/Big E/Kingston tag team were apparently because of concerns of running them alongside the Ferguson riots and too close to the Alberto del Rio racism accusations.

While no proof of that anywhere, I can surely believe that.

November 25th, 2014

Despite rumors of AJ leaving WWE soon, she is not planning on going anywhere soon.

Unfortunately, this one is false. She was gone within 6 months. (0/1)

The reason Sting debuted at Survivor Series was two fold: To help promote the WWE 2K15 video game and to show that anything can happen on PPVs on the Network to get people to re-up their subscription. That’s also the reason they have the Austin podcast on Dec 1st after Raw.

History seems to be repeating itself 6 months later.

November 26th, 2014

According to the Observer, the three top matches being discussed for WrestleMania are Sting vs. Triple H, Rock vs Rusev, and Lensar vs. Reigns

Rock did not end up working a match with Rusev. Do you think if the Rock faced Rusev instead of Cena, Rusev would have gotten to go over? (2/3)

Sting is a lock for the WWE Hall of Fame this (last) year and will wrestle his last match at Mania the night after.

Sting did not go into the Hall of Fame this last year. It will likely be soon though. (0/1)

Randy Orton is expected back on TV in the next few weeks.

Orton did not return to TV until Fast Lane in February. (0/1)

There’s still word that TNA has something big planned for the New York tapings for their Destination America kick off.

There was nothing bigger than any standard wrestling show would offer. The shows were good, but nothing far from the norm. (0/1)

November 27th, 2014

Big Show vs. Erick Rowan, Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler, and Nikki Bella vs. AJ are all likely for TLC next month

All these matches happened so looks like WWE had it planned out early. Who could forget that fantabulous stairs match? (Also, I’m surprised Microsoft Word did not mark the word "Fantabulous" as misspelled.  Is that a real word now?) (3/3)

Rey Mysterio is expected back soon.

Rey Mysterio was never back in WWE. (0/1)

Josh Matthews is expected to replace Mike Tenay as lead TNA announcer when they come back to TV.

That he did. While he can be obnoxious on the Twitter, he’s been pretty good at play by play. (1/1)

November 28th, 2014

Many in WWE aren’t happy about the remarks Punk made on Colt Cabana’s podcast, especially regarding the medical treatment he received.

Well, we know Dr. Amman isn’t since he’s currently suing Punk for his comments.

There were once plans for a Triple H v.s Ryback match, but after Ryback’s match with Cesaro on Raw, that has soured and will not be happening.

If I recall, Ryback had a poor match with Cesaro and the brass were upset because no one has poor matches with Cesaro. Personally, I don’t think Ryback was ever over enough to warrant a match with Triple H.

With SmackDown moving to Thursday, it is expected that WWE will push major angles on the show to make it equal to Raw.

While at first, Daniel Bryan was primarily on SmackDown, to say it was ever close to equal to Raw since their move to Thursday is silly. (0/1)

November 29th, 2014

Triple H is reportedly furious for CM Punk for airing what he said in the private meeting with him and Vince. Ryback is also upset too.

That’s understandable.

Colt Cabana has been blacklisted by the WWE.

If I could find something quoting Cabana confirming that WWE talent isn’t allow on his show, I’d grade this as correct. While looking around, I was reminded that Dr. Chris Amman is suing him too because it was said on his show. I do not know how that will hold up in any court or if they’re just hoping to settle.

The locker room is actually happy about Punk’s podcast because he said things they wish they could.

Also not a surprising rumor.

It is speculated that Jericho will be in the Royal Rumble match.

He was not. (0/1)


This Week:  9/18 - 50%

Overall:  237/446 - 53%

Sound off below and have a great week.

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