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TNA Impact Video, Results, and Review (May 29th, 2015): I Quit

TNA returned tonight for their final show on Friday nights.  All three titles were defended, one in a cage.  Al Snow is back for another go of the revolving door of Josh Matthew's announce partner.  (Maybe they all get tired of him talking about his money.)  Could TNA deliver a good show before their move to Wednesdays?  Let's find out.


The show opens with Eric Young driving to the studio to find Kurt Angle waiting for him.  Angle opens EY's car door and attacks him.  The brawl is soon separated

Because of that, both men were locked in separated in rooms with security guarding both.  Eric Young was so crazy he head butt the window on the door of his room!

Both men are accompanied to the ring for their Championship I Quit match with security.  They start fighting before Jeremy Borash can finish the introductions.

The match is a mix of Kurt Angle doing suplexes and then men exchanging submissions holds.  At one point, Angle has Young in the Ankle Lock and EY taps out, but does not say I Quit.  Instinctively Angle lets go and is rewarded with a low blow from Young.  After taking a pile driver and not quitting, Angle is able to get another Ankle Lock hooked in and Eric Young quits.

It feels like we've seen this match before.  And that's because we have.  Not necessarily an I Quit match, but the stretcher match, and the Title match that Bully Ray refereed, and the triple threat with Bobby Lashley, and the triple threat with Bobby Roode.  No matter how good a match is, when you've seen two guys feuding for so long with little change to their story, it will tire on you.

Not that this match was that good.  They psychology behind Angle releasing his hold after Young tapped was good, but asides from that, there's nothing that stuck out from this match that makes it any more memorable than all the rest of their matches.

The opening segment with the parking lot brawl was weird because attacking a guy in his car isn't a face move.  One would assume it was because Angle was angry over what Young did to Chris Melendez last Impact, but oddly enough, that was never mentioned tonight.  Not once.  They made such a big deal of Young ripping off Melendez's prosthetic leg and choking Angle with it when it happened.  And then they don't mention it again?  That could have maybe given tonight's match some extra fire to help it through.

This feud should have ended a month ago after their live show.  But instead it limped on a month longer.  Fortunately, it looks like it is finally over and Angle can turn to his next challenger.  And if that challenger isn't Ethan Carter III, you should write your congressperson to complain.


Taryn Terrell defeats Gail Kim in a cage match to retain the the Knock Outs title.  At points, the other two members of the Doll House interfered through the camera hole in the cage and prevented once Gail from escaping the cage by scaling it themselves.

After the match, Taryn lays out Earl Hebner with a clothesline and all three members of the Doll House lock themselves in the cage with Gail to beat her up.  Awesome Kong comes down to try to help but remains locked out of the cage.  Taryn removes Gail's wedding ring, licks it, and then stomps on Gail's hand, breaking her finger.

Well that was disappointing.  I actually said those words after the match was over.  These two women had classic matches back when the ring was four sided.  But then they only got about 5 minutes to work a title match tonight.  Then again, this was never about the Knockouts title match.  This was about furthering the story of Taryn Terrell trying to break up Gail's marriage or whatever the hell it is she's trying to do.

Should it be?  No, it should be about the title first and foremost.  But instead it's Taryn's weird erotic head games and her stable of school girls.  And it sucks.

On a note that I don't fully hold against TNA:  When I heard Mia Yim was coming to TNA, I had not heard of her.  So Sean supplied a link of an excellent match of her's at the Girls Night Out show against Athena.  I was blown away by how well she could go in the ring.  And now she's in TNA not showing off that she can wrestle at all.

Earl Hebner has taken more bumps than Jade recently.  And that bump terrible, just like this entire Doll House program.


Mickie James comes out to talk about how it's tough on her to balance the issues between her good friend James Storm and her love/father of her child Magnus.  James Storm interrupts.  Storm accuses Magnus of being jealous of the friendship between Storm and Mickie but Mickie says Magnus is just trying to protect her and their family.  James Storm says that he has hook ups with music talent that want to help further Mickie's music career.  He says it's Mickie's choice to make to which Mickie says she'll take the meetings\

OK, it's time for this story to do something.  It feels like it's been the same thing for a couple of months now.  I could have watched the episode where Magnus smashed the guitar over Storm's head and then nothing from then on out and I wouldn't have missed anything.

I'm losing all confidence this story will develop into something of substance.  With the length of this story, it feels as if they should have something big planned.  But I'm starting to fear they just want Storm vs Magnus at Slammiversary and are going to tread a bunch of water until they get there.


Rockstar Spud pins Kenny King to become the X-Division champion in a match that also featured Mandrews, Tigre Uno, Crazzy Steve, DJ Z, and Argo.  The match was an over the top battle royal until the last two men when it became a standard one on one match.

The battle royal format, one where guys often lay around or just try to throw guys over the ropes, doesn't show off the X-Division like other matches could.  So much of this match, which was two segments long, was really just waiting for them to get to the one on one end of the match.

I've made it known that I enjoy the personality and charisma of Rockstar Spud.  He's very easy to like and get behind.  But his in ring work doesn't carry its weight.  That vast majority of the matches, he's getting the tar kicked out of him and only hits a couple of moves.  This match was no different.  He hit a move or two against Manik when the match started, but that was it.  In fact, when it came down to Kenny King and Spud one on one, the only move Spud hit was the School Boy he used to win it.

King on the other hand is a prototypical X-Division star.  The most entertaining parts of this match involved him.  Which is why TNA may have been better keeping the title on the King of the Night.  With him as champ, you're guaranteed that every match is going to have at least one great X-Division in ring talent.  With Spud, that's not guaranteed.  Let's hope he shows that he can develop the in ring skills worth of the X-Division names he rattled off in his post match promo.


The Wolves defeat the Dirty Heels to go up 2-0 in the Best of 5 Series

Another great match between two great teams.  There's not much to say but this was truly the highlight of this show, though that wasn't the tallest of tasks tonight.

Josh Matthews, for some odd reason, was clamoring on that he wanted this to be a clean sweep for the Wolves.  I don't know why.  Maybe he's working on playing heel announcer to Al Snow.  Maybe he's high off of all of his money.  Personally, I look forward to more of these two teams hooking up.


Angelina Love comes out while Velvet Skye is at ringside.  Angelina introduces her own personal security team.  After she shouts in the face of Skye long enough, when Love turns her back, Velvet jumps the rail and attacks her.  She neutralizes some of the security before she is handcuffed and removed.

This segment was pretty much the same as the last time these two interacted.  It wasn't bad.  Angelina does annoying heel very well and silent Velvet Skye is very intriguing.  Good on TNA for still talking up the fact Velvet is not an employee instead of forgetting she was "fired" in the Feast or Fired stipulation.  How they get from her being fired to her in a ring remains to be seen.


EC3 defeats Mr. Anderson via pinfall.

Anderson brought a cage out to to house Tyrus in but could not get him in it early on.  However, later on during the match, he's able to use a chair to get Tyrus in the cage.  With Tyrus neutralized, Anderson takes the offense to EC3 and even hits his Mic Check finisher.  However, Carter kicks out before 3 and when Anderson goes for a second, EC3 reverses it into his One Percenter Finisher.

After the match, Anderson offers his hand to EC3, but Carter smacks it away and leaves.

While this wasn't any technical masterpiece, this accomplished what it needed to and that was making EC3 look like a title contender.  Even with Tyrus locked away, Ethan kicked out of Anderson's finisher.  More importantly, Anderson did not kick out of his.  Having the brash Anderson, who is still a good guy, acknowledge that Ethan was talented by offering his hand was a good move.  Having Carter refuse it was a better one.

This was a good win for Carter going forward and in that sense, this segment worked.  Plus the Tyrus was only featured in like 10% of everything going on.  I wonder if they ever let him out of that cage.


Pros of the Show:
  • The Wolves vs the Dirty Heels Part II
  • EC3 looking strong after his match with Anderson
  • Eric Young and Angle's feud is finally over.  (maybe)

Cons of the Show:
  • The Doll House
  • This James Storm story feels like it's going no where
  • Poor choice of match to show off the X-Division
Arbitrary Grade:  D+

Let's hope they have a better showing for their big Wednesday move.


What did you think of it all, Cagesiders?  Were you satisfied with their last Friday offering?

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