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WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 match card preview: Neville vs. Bo Dallas

Will Bo Dallas bring The Man That Gravity Forgot back down to earth or will Neville continue to fly high on the WWE main roster despite the serious knee injury his opponent aggravated on Monday Night Raw for two weeks running?

Neville: Clearly, not immune to gravity in booking!
Neville: Clearly, not immune to gravity in booking!

Former NXT champions collide!

Neville vs. Bo Dallas

Will Bo Dallas bring The Man That Gravity Forgot back down to earth or will Neville continue to fly high on the WWE main roster? The result of this match will answer that question.

The Road to Elimination Chamber

The seeds of this feud started in NXT two years ago when Neville (before he became The Man That Forgot His First Name, Adrian) chose Bo Dallas as his new NXT Tag Team Championship partner when The Wyatt Family took out his fellow Brit Oliver Grey. However, their championship reign was short-lived as they dropped the belts to the Wyatts in their very first defence together.

Dallas would go on to eliminate Neville in an NXT Championship number one contender battle royal and win the title from Big E by shoving him into an exposed turnbuckle and hitting his belly-to-belly suplex finisher, starting the slow transition from resented babyface to insincerely nice heel, a role that he continues to play to this day.

In November 2013, Neville became the top challenger to Bo's gold belt by beating perennial underdog Sami Zayn, which started a several month rivalry between the former friends that culminated in the British flyer defeating the arrogant Yank for the NXT Title in the ladder match main event of NXT's first ever WWE Network special, NXT ArRIVAL.

Fifteen months later, their vendetta was rekindled on the May 18th Monday Night Raw when Bo Dallas interrupted Neville's interview with Renee Young to brand him "the little engine that couldn't", which led to The Man That Gravity Forgot reminding the Bo-liever that he was the man whom he had beaten to start his record breaking NXT Championship reign. In response, Bo tackled Neville and hit a quick flurry of punches to his taped up knee, before Neville gallantly fought him off:

Unfortunately, Neville had to face King Barrett immediately after this sucker attack and it played into the finish, as Neville's injured knee buckled when he went to springboard off the top rope and he then got pinned by Barrett with the Bull Hammer. After the match was over, Bo Dallas added further bad news to Neville's night by viciously assaulting his gammy knee again:

On this week's Raw, Neville pinned Stardust with the Red Arrow, but his knee gave out when he tried to get up to celebrate. Bo Dallas, who had come out earlier to scout his Elimination Chamber opponent, was on hand to tell him "Come on buddy, you can pick yourself up: all you have to do is Bo-lieve!" Then Bo savagely dropkicked his damaged limb like any psychopath would.

What's at Stake?

For Bo Dallas, this is a chance to put his career back on track, which has been marred by injury and a series of humbling defeats over the past ten months.

Meanwhile, Neville gets the opportunity to show that he's more than just a flashy flier, and prove that he has the grit and determination to overcome the impediment of a serious knee injury.

Find out who is victorious in this simply Bo-dacious bout by watching the show live on the WWE Network tomorrow at 8pm EDT and following our live coverage at!

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