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Five Reasons to Watch WWE Elimination Chamber

WWE Elimination Chamber is this Sunday (May 31st, 2015). If you're still on the fence, here are five reasons why you should care.

With WWE Elimination Chamber just around the corner, some of you may still be thinking; "is this worth my time?" Well, here are five reasons why you should skip your Tae Bo workout and watch:

1. Owens vs. Cena - For the first time ever these two will clash; WWE's golden boy vs. NXT's rising star. This feud was borne out of Cena's "Open Challenge", but Kevin Owens doesn't care about the U.S. Title, he just wants a fight. The match should be intense, and it will be intriguing how WWE decides to book it. Will Cena just clean house? Can Owens come up with a win? Will it be something in between? Honestly, this match is worth the price of admission on its own. Luckily for new subscribers it's still free to watch!

2. Tag Team Elimination Chamber - A historic match; for the first time ever, six tag teams will be put in the Elimination Chamber for the Tag Team titles. The odds are stacked against New Day to retain, but these guys have been incredibly crafty to remain champions. Joining them will be the Brass Ring Club, Lucha Dragons, Los Matadores, The Ascension, and Prime Time Players. Also lurking in the background is Harper and Rowan, who don't have an official spot, but might find a way in anyways. Plenty of insane spots are sure to come in this match.

3. Intercontinental Title Elimination Chamber - Daniel Bryan vacated the title so we are left with this beast of a match to decide a new champ. It will include Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, R-Truth, King Barrett and whoever replaces an injured Rusev. The rumor going around is Bray Wyatt will jump in and go for the title. While the Tag match should include a lot of high flying moves, this match could lean more towards becoming a simply brutal match. What's better than an Elimination Chamber match? How about two!

4. Rollins vs. Ambrose - Forget the weak build-up or that "The Authority" is beyond stale. Whenever these two get in the ring, they always deliver. Rollins is at a point in his career where his big matches are simply "can't miss". Hopefully the outside interference will be held to a minimum -- I'm looking at you Kane -- and we get to see what these two guys do best; wrestle. Ambrose has been on a mission to take out Rollins, but just hasn't been able to overcome the Champion and take his title. Will he be able to this Sunday?

5. Nikki/Naomi/Paige - An underrated feud that has been brewing for months! In a nutshell, Naomi felt like she was next in line for the title, Paige took that spot, so Naomi took Paige out. Nikki was able to fend off Naomi -- along with her new muscle, Tamina -- and now Paige has returned to get her revenge, as well as the Divas Championship. If given the proper amount of time, there's no doubt these three can deliver a match worthy of your time.


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