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WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 match card preview: Nikki vs. Naomi vs. Paige

Over the past few weeks, Divas Champion Nikki Bella has fended off #1 contender, Naomi. With Paige now back in the picture, can the Nikki continue her long reign as Champion? Let's break it down...


Nikki Bella (Divas Champion) - 5'6"/131 lbs.


Naomi - 5'5"/125 lbs.


Paige 5'8"/120 lbs.


To understand how these three came together, we have to go back a bit. During the month of March, Naomi tore through the women's division, winning multiple matches in a row. During this run, she even got the best of Nikki Bella in multiple non-title matches. With those wins over the Divas Champion, Naomi believed she was the obvious number one contender. Instead, on April 13th, a contender would be decided by a battle royal. Paige and Naomi ended up being the final two, with Paige getting the big win. She was congratulated by a receiving a severe beat down by a suddenly disgruntled Naomi.

This attack took Paige off TV for an entire month, leaving the number one spot open, yet again. Completing her Heel turn Naomi decided to stop "waiting" and "take" her opportunity. At Extreme Rules (April 26th, 2015) she received her chance to take it. Thanks to a referee distraction -- and a kick to the head from Brie -- Nikki was able to retain her Divas Title.

On the May 4th edition of Raw, Naomi was scheduled to get some revenge against Nikki, but instead decided to bring help in the form of a returning Tamina. The two laid out the Bella Twins before the match even started.

Over the next few weeks tension grew between the two sides and a tag team match was made at Payback (May 17th, 2015). In a back-and-forth match Naomi was able to lock up the win by pinning Nikki, solidifying the newly formed team.

The next night on Raw (May 18th, 2015), Naomi received a re-match for the Divas Title. Nikki was in full control of the match when Tamina decided to end it -- via DQ -- with a superkick to Nikki's face. A returning Paige came to the ring and cleared out the villainous team, much to Nikki's appreciation. Paige then laid-out Nikki, grabbed the title and let the WWE Universe...

"This is my house!"


It's a women's feud with an actual storyline! This story can be traced back three months, complete with heel/face turns and surprise returns/alliances. You have Nikki trying to continue her 186 day reign as champ, with her sister at her side. A frustrated contender in Naomi, who brought in her cousin-in-law to even things up. In between the two sides is a former champ who simply wants to get that title back.

All three women are solid in the ring, so as long as they are given time, it should be a interesting match.

When and Where?

Exclusively on the WWE Network this Sunday (May 31st, 2015) in Corpus Christi, Texas. More specifically, this triple threat will have bodies flying all over the ring. Naomi's athleticism will be needed to combat both Nikki and Paige's power movesets. Brie and Tamina will be watching on the outside, so look for a brawl or two out of the ring.


I'm thinking this is where the train stops for Nikki as Champion. Taking a subtle hint from the headline photo, Paige is in the middle of the picture. It's a bit strange for the Divas Champion not to be featured, no? Nikki has been a great champ, but she's becoming a bit stale, especially with the recent Face turn. Paige winning will mix things up again in the division, so I'll go with the raven-haired one on Sunday.

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