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Scott Hall hopes to work for NXT someday

From his interview with The Kevin Gill Show:

"I'm a huge fan of NXT. Believe me, my goal is to someday have a position there. So I'm throwing it out there to whoever is listening, like Triple H. I watch NXT all the time. I'm more involved in wrestling currently, then I have been in a long, long time. Because I have a son who's on the scene, so now we gotta watch NXT because those are his peers, those are his competitors, those are his co-workers, and maybe his buddy's down the line. That's who he's gonna be doing business with. We watch stuff from Japan, from the UK, so I am immersed.. I feel more immersed in the wrestling scene than ever before. And it feels really cool because Cody is so excited and so young, and I get to vicariously live through him, and say whenever you have a question, I'm here!"

While Hall has battled with plenty of demons throughout his life, his extensive knowledge of professional wrestling makes him a viable candidate for the position he's hopeful for. You may be feeling deep fatigue at how hard WWE pushes The Kliq, even today with upcoming DVD releases, but an overriding theme when the group discusses its history in the business is the fact that Hall was likely the most helpful to the rest of the crew.

Inside the ring at least.

So why not put his knowledge to use while giving him something productive to do that will help the next generation of WWE stars? Anyone think this is anything other than a good idea?

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