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The REC Awards: April 26 - May 2, 2015

Welp, we are only one week removed from an...interesting edition of Extreme Rules, and we're already almost halfway to Payback (aka Playback). Before we get to watch WWE double-rush some important storylines, let us stop, breathe, and enjoy some REC Awards!

Let's do this?!?



Roman Reigns has had "Match of the Night" honors at three consecutive PPVs - KingOfKings

The Top 8 'Oh, $%@#!' Moments of the Past Year - GrecoRomanGuy

Rules for Being a WWE Fan - ThingsandStuff

The Miz shoots on WWE fans saying 'It's on them', which means 'Fans make performers fail' - dylancasalino42

Five Matches WWE Fans Should Watch… Or, You Should Listen to Their Early Albums, Before They Went Mainstream - CapitalTTruth

My Sister watched the WWE for the first time in 10 years - The AngrySmurf

Lucha Underground continues to establish the superiority of its product AND Moving on: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Stop Watching the WWE - powerofliberty

NFL Mock Draft…of WWE Superstars! (Picks 1-10) (Picks 11-20) (Picks 21-32) - dreadpool

How Rob Terry won me over: My first German indie wrestling adventure - lepsaxon

Fixing the WWE Divas Division: A Two-Month Challenge - Thrift Store Megatron


Comments (link to album)

First, suiko takes a stab. A rousing reaction follows

Brigade17 books Finn Balor:

Midnight Deeds pictures himself having an "exchange" with Big E:

unknowngordon and Raging Jericholic react to Neville losing at King of the Ring:

nymgb44 clears something up about King of the Ring. The Five Count responds:

FrozenLion has a question regarding Billy Corgan:

Iowa Whovian just had to make THE pun:

drock1331 does a supposition. ChrisVannini responds:

Zentrification discusses the worst match at Extreme Rules:

Tonya Rogers points out a highlight of Extreme Rules:

Midnight Deeds gives the GIF of Extreme Rules:

dreadpool has an idea:

KDidz reacts to Roman Reigns not believing in himself. Zuhayr28 responds:

ChrisVannini has an idea for Lana:

WVPiratesFan asks an important question. dandeman responds:

Raging Jericholic shows the REAL female face of WWE:

South of Heaven has a simple idea for Lana:

shaqustewart93 shows us who else is contending for WWE's female face:

Itaita makes a proclamation. Multiverse Heavyweight Champion and DoNotCallMeBilly respond:

KDKitten makes an important statement about The Miz:

ThedaB kindly evaluates Alex Riley:

South of Heaven evaluates R-Truth:

RuinedOverOut watches Neville's surprise segment from Meredith and imagines it from Vince McMahon's point of view:

D.E.O. celebrates victory:

LadyBlack gives the match stipulation for New Day vs Brass Ring Club at Payback:

Midnight Deeds adds to the fun:

PaullE Strangerously gives props at the BRC/ND feud. Magnus Magnolius responds:

Chocolate Midget shares the aftereffect of Xavier Woods lifting Big E:

Brigade17 celebrates Kevin Owens:

Larrymentalboy gives well wishes to Sean Rueter, who lives in Baltimore. Lordban, South of Heaven, and Sean Rueter respond:

The Notorious Eddie Mac sympathizes with Sean:

Larrymentalboy has an important question. Fruits, Proud Cesaro & Neville Smark, MayorOfSuplexCity respond:

SpyroDash reacts to a rumor about Payback. Jordan Garretson responds:

LoneStranger makes THE joke:

MayorOfSuplexCity gives us the King of Wrestling. LadyBlack responds:

Fucker Franck gives props to Jason Albert. Fruits responds:

Jerosh has a question. Insanity follows:

KDidz has a question about something said on Raw. SethRollinsChairShot, Kevin Kostka, Zentrification, and suiko respond:

GrecoRomanGuy has a good question:

suiko edits a rumor. Brigade17 and GrecoRomanGuy respond:

nymgb44 reacts to a match from SmackDown:

ChrisVannini reacts to the post about sexism:

And finally, GrecoRomanGuy completely rips John Cena:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in for next week's insanity!

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