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Top 5 Hits: Current NXT Roster (#2)

Once again, it's time to sound off on your top five things in wrestling. Today, we pick our favorite wrestlers currently working on the NXT roster.

Last year, we ranked our favorites in all of NXT. Since then the roster has had a few main roster call-ups and some solid additions. Have they changed your list any? I found myself battling between two lists: in-ring talent vs. best characters. Ultimately, I think in-ring talent won out.

Let's take a look.


#5 Corey Graves

I'd be remiss if I didn't get him on this list. Corey has been on color commentary sine just last December, and has been a stabilizing force in this realm. While his competition on other shows isn't off the charts, Graves is a refreshing change from the usual nonsense we are accustomed to hearing. He's got a great voice, has in-ring knowledge, and can make matches feel important. Props to WWE for finding him a place within the company since his in-ring retirement.

#4 Sami Zayn

While I sometimes find it difficult to connect with Sami, his stories are always the best. His love/hate feud with Neville was one of the best storylines in 2014. Currently, he's taking on Kevin Owens in yet another chapter of their never-ending feud. In the ring, the guy is pretty good. No wait, he's freaking amazing in the ring! He's on that elite level of "can't miss matches".

#3 - Finn Balor

Another stud in the ring, Balor is an all-around talent who won't be in NXT much longer. While some find his entrance a bit too slow/dramatic, I love it. Undertaker is on his way out, so we need a new 5-10 minute extravagant entrance to replace his. He has "star" written all over him, so enjoy his presence here while you can, people.

#2 - Sasha Banks

Last year, the hit against Sasha was she needed more time to round out her in-ring and promo skills. Time has passed, and it's been kind to her, both of those areas have much improved. With a diverse moveset her matches against Charlotte, and the championship 4-way were top notch. She's still Champion, so at least for the near future, "The Boss" will continue to rock in NXT.

#1- Kevin Owens


As a fan, I love paying attention to the small things, and Owens is a master at them. He's a heel that truly does bad things. To be a great heel, it doesn't require screaming and spoon-feeding the audience. More effectively, it can be as small as a disrespectful pen flip, a few drops of water, or sneaky kick on your way out of the arena. Owens just "gets" wrestling, and it's a pure joy watching him work. His talent in the ring and on the mic go without saying. The guy is the NXT Champion already for a reason. Fight. Owens. Fight.

Off the list:

Charlotte - Aside from still putting on good matches, she's just kind of hanging around. Charlotte's done all she could in NXT, so it's time to call her up.

Tyler Breeze - With the injection of poison new talent, Breeze has been lost in the wind.

Bayley - Still very much enjoy Bayley's matches, but her gimmick has become a bit stale for me. If it's any consolation she's number six, just missing the cut.


Let's see your list!

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