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Sign Kevin Owens up for WWE's Money in the Bank ladder match

This goal suddenly seems a lot more attainable that it did when the PodNasty team interviewed NXT champ Kevin Owens the other day...

Based on the initial reports of KO being a replacement for the injured Rusev on the main roster, he wasn't scheduled for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV), set to go down in just a couple of weeks on June 14th. Whether or not the latest reports of his call-up being a permanent one are true, put Owens down for a spot in the ladder match that will reward the winner with an anytime, anywhere contract for a WWE title shot...

I have interest in competing in every big event like Money in the Bank or Elimination Chamber or SummerSlam or whatever it is. I want to be part of those shows, I want to be part of that product that's where I want to be. So regardless of what match I would be it whether it be a MITB Ladder Match or if I was just wrestling anybody on that show I definitely want to be there, that's the goal, absolutely. I think beating John Cena at the Elimination Chamber would probably give me a pretty good shot at being [in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match] so that's what I'm thinking about.

As he prepares to leave Full Sail and the Performance Center, Owens has some ideas on who can replace him. While many would argue that they won't be able to fill his shoes, his answer to most underrated guy on the NXT roster at least gives folks like me who miss CJ Parker something to think about:

I think the answer to that would be Tye Dillinger, he's a Canadian boy and he's been on TV a few times, he was even on the WWE version of ECW, if you will, a few years ago I believe his name was Gavin Spears at the time. He's in NXT right now, and he's been picking up steam lately so I hope that translates to an NXT TV role.

I look up to Tye Dillinger. He's been around for a long time and there's just something about him that I really respect and obviously he's become a good friend throughout the last couple of months - but regardless of if he was my friend or not I would be saying the same thing right now. He's very talented, and it's not just me who looks up to him, pretty much everyone in the Performance Center looks up to him, not only for the stuff he does in the ring but how he behaves outside of the ring. And I feel like if you're going to say who's the most underrated guy—because there's a lot of underrated guys over there—I'd say Tye Dillinger probably tops that list.

Give the whole video a watch below for his thoughts on his son Owen's reaction to his Raw debut going viral, the injuries that have hit NXT and more.

And start fantasy booking your "KO with a briefcase" angles now.

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