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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: The Best Things In Wrestling Right Now

Shinsuke Nakamura on Instagram

Ok, I admit. Sometimes I'm too negative for my own good. In just the last week, I did a piece on TNA's woes and reasons why we Cagesiders hate Vince McMahon. I stand by everything I wrote and the countdown you helped put together. Yes, professional wrestling, like any industry, tends to have its share of negativity and darkness.

And in that dark abyss, once in a while, you see flashes of hope and beauty. Sometimes, once in a while, you gotta stop and look at it once in a while and say, hey. That's pretty cool. And that's the premise for this week's countdown...

the best things in wrestling right now.

As with other Cageside Countdowns, there are rules.

No. There are rules.

On with the rules then. In the subject box, write Nominate - (your good thing about wrestling right now here). And in the comment box, a short description (optional, but recommended). Maybe even a picture or video. This could be people, places, things, events, social media thingies, whatever you think is good in the wrestling world right now. The only rule is that it has to be happening or will happen in the immediate future.

If you see something you like, give it a rec by hitting that star button. And before you go nominating what someone else said, use the CTRL-F or CMD-F to make sure you're not repeating.

Nominations are open until PPV time Sunday (that's 8pm eastern, 7pm central, 5pm pacific. Everywhere else, figure it out.) Results Tuesday.

So don't be sour and feel the power of positivity. Or something.

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