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TNA Impact Preview (May 28, 2015): May Madness!

It has been some couple of weeks for TNA wrestling.  From their move to Wednesdays, to the rumors of a possible cancelation in their future, to Destination America adding Ring of Honor as a lead in to TNA.  During all this, TNA has not aired a new show for two weeks.  Which is unfortunate because overall, TNA Impact has been solid and it would have been nice for fans of the program to escape from all the news by enjoying a fresh episode of Impact.

But alas, they are back this Friday, their last Friday before their move to the Wednesday Wrestling Night, and they are back with a big show.

Apparently many of the matches they filmed originally on the taping that was to air on the 22nd are airing tomorrow.  So if you had read my spoilers last week, some of these matches will have been spoiled.  I do apologize but I did warn you, so don't come at me too hard.

For the record, I don't know any spoilers past what I posted last week, so all my speculation on up coming matches is just that: Speculation.  Now let's get to it:

1)  Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle in an I Quit Match for the TNA Title

This feud has been going on for awhile and it looks like it's finally coming to a close tonight.  I may have written the same sentence right before their title match on the live show that Bully Ray guest refereed but this time I think I'm right.  Slammiversary isn't that far away, and they need to set up the next title feud soon.

This feud has been about two things:  Eric Young is crazy and Eric Young wants the title.  While this feud has felt rather lackluster, Young and Angle always have the capability to put on an entertaining match.  Let's hope they do to close out this feud.

2)  Wolves vs the Dirty Heels Match 2

When the Hardy's had to relinquish their tag team titles that they won after the Wolves had to relinquish their tag team titles, both the Dirty Heel and the Wolves laid claim to said titles.  (Sounds a bit confusing, I know.)  To decide who should be the tag champs, the two teams decided to do a best of five series.  The Wolves won the first match despite the Heels dominating much of it.  It was a good match but likely these men are saving the really great stuff for later in the series.

These are four great performers with plenty in their bag of tricks.  Look for them to up the ante each match.

3)  Gail vs. Taryn in 6 Sides of Steel for the Knock Outs Title

Taryn's new Doll House stable (Jade and Marti Bell) has left me skeptical if not disappointed.  It looks like this group could be ripped out of a school girl erotic fan fic.  The last we saw them, Taryn came out to the ring to show off the lingerie she was going to seduce Gail's husband with.  Obviously Gail took major exception to that and now they meet up in a cage match for the Women's Title.  While the Doll House story has been disappointing, Gail and Taryn have had some classics in the past.  Hopefully they recreate their chemistry tonight for their title match.

4)  Mr. Anderson vs Ethan Carter III

When Mr. Anderson and EC3 first met up, EC3 won the match because of much interference from Tyrus.  In order to remove Tyrus from the equation, Anderson goaded the big man into having a match where if Tyrus lost, Anderson gets to face EC3 without Tyrus by his side.  Anderson won the match and then later on implied he would have Tyrus locked in a cage at ring side to avoid interference.

Of course, having him banned from ringside overall would likely be a better idea since it is still possible Tyrus somehow aids EC3 from a cage.  While the good guy version of Anderson can be grating to some, he is a two time TNA champion.  If EC3 is going to be going on to challenge for the title at Slammiversary (and he better!), a win over someone the caliber of Anderson will solidify him as the top contender.

5)   X-Division Championship Gauntlet match

One of the most disappointing things about the current state of TNA is that the X-Division has seemed to take a back seat.  When they do feature it, these matches are fun, but overall the division has been forgotten for much of the stories.  It has been a month since Rockstar Spud lost his title to Kenny King in a ladder match with the help of BDC member Homicide.  Tonight, he has a chance to regain, but there are 5 other guys in this match with the same idea.

The way this match will work is it will start out as a Gauntlet match, which is a Royal Rumble style battle royal until there are two men left.  When there are two men, they will have a standard wrestling match to a finish.  This should be a fun ride.

I don't know what match this video was after, but passionate Rockstar Spud is my favorite.

6)  Mickie James addresses her family situation

Weeks ago, James Storm convince Mickie James to not retire after she and her fiance Magnus decided that would be for the better since they has a newborn together. Since then, their family has been fracturing as Magnus knows Storm is up to something but the way he has reacted to it has angered Mickie James.  We still don't know what Storm's plan is or whether or not his Revolution faction fits into this at all.

I think how Storm's plan plays out will really make or break this angle.  This show seems so loaded already that they may very well wait to pay this off for another week.


This is a full show for Impact, leaving little room for anything else.  I would like to see Bram, who recently renewed his contract with TNA as announced on Twitter, find some direction in the show since he has been under used as of late.

TNA Impacts airs tonight on Destination America at 9 PM Eastern time tonight.  You watching?

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