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NXT women put over 'amazing' Triple H: He's like a papa

@TripleH has an interview up with Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley, and Becky Lynch -- who they're calling "The Four Horsewomen of NXT," stealing Ronda Rousey and her crew's gimmick (although that gimmick is also stolen) -- covering a wide range of topics. You should read the entire thing (here) but this passage on Triple H is great:

WWE.COM: How often does Triple H comment on what you guys do? Does he ever give you guidance or does he let you do your own thing?

BAYLEY: He's amazing. He's like a papa.

SASHA: Papa Hunter.


BECKY: Oh, man. Right before the Fatal 4-Way, he came up to us and said, "OK, girls, go change history." Or, "go make history."

BAYLEY: To all four of us, right before we went out. And at the first show in Columbus, Ohio, that was our first NXT show outside Florida, and he had everyone together, all the Superstars and Divas. He said, "We're gonna show everyone why NXT is so special." And he said, "We're gonna show everyone why we're revolutionizing women's wrestling." And for him to say that in front of everybody in the meeting right before one of the biggest shows we've ever had is like, "Man, he believes in us." Individually, he just shows so much interest in each person. Each woman.

SASHA: Each woman.

BAYLEY: He cares.

SASHA: He cares, and you can see it whenever he has a conversation with us. It's like, "You don't have to tell me that, but for you to do that and take the time to ..."

BAYLEY: And he gets in the ring with us and helps us. He's got a million things to do but he shows us how we could be better. It's amazing.

BECKY: That's our boss!

BAYLEY: The Game!

That is their boss they're talking about, so it's not the most surprising thing they're speaking of him in such glowing terms, but there's no reason to think they aren't being completely sincere in their praise. Charlotte vs. Sasha headlined the first NXT house show in Philadelphia recently and there are now rumors making the rounds that there's been talk internally of having a women's match headline an NXT special on the WWE Network. This after previous rumors that both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are working toward changing the perception of women in WWE.

There may be a long ways to go on the main roster with Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn still in power, but the future looks bright with Triple H and Stephanie leading the charge.

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