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Hope you're ready for episode 29 of El Rey Network's Lucha Underground, because the show is coming at you with a double barrelled main event.

To ease yourself into things, make sure you read Manolo's recap from last week, and then check out this exclusive clip of the self-proclaimed (and newly rouge-ish) biggest star in Lucha Underground Johnny Mundo against Aerostar...

Then, still not even getting to the main events, we're in the midst of a very cool development in the Black Lotus story where it's tied back in to an angle that I had all but forgotten about. Some other wrestling promotions have trained me to think that if something hasn't been mentioned in a few weeks that it probably won't be dealt with. LU goes back to one of its very first stories by having Chavo Guerrero cut a deal with El Dragon Azteca to help Black Lotus in her quest for revenge against Mantaza.

And if that sentence doesn't make sense to you, I'm envious, because it means you still have the wide, weird world of The Temple in front of you, waiting for you to discover its curious, violent charms.

Vampiro will chat with Sexy Star, possibly about her ongoing issues with Pentagon, Jr., possibly about the return of Chavo, and...oh yeah! Those main events...


He's still the only champ in the history of the company, and now Prince Puma has to defend against a monster his own mentor created. Konnan seems to have the champ's back as he faces off against Hernandez. But with his main man Mundo having just helped Super Mex earn the shot, Puma has to be questioning everything.


Their last encounter was a match of the year candidate that helped raise the profile of Lucha Underground among wrestling fans. Now Mil Muertes' "manager" Catrina claims that his defeat in the Grave Consequences match was all part of the plan. Can Fenix hope to overcome death yet again?

You won't want to miss this show, so tune in at 8PM Eastern tonight on El Rey (or Saturday at 4PM on UniMás, or whenever on Sling TV). While you're waiting for the show (or the Rundown), chat about it here!

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