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Ring of Honor announces Samoa Joe for first television taping after Best in the World

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Independent contractor indeed.

While Samoa Joe has left more questions than answers about his deals with the major players in the wrestling industry - even after taping a bunch of shows for WWE's NXT - details of how unique his deal with Triple H really is are starting to take shape. We already knew he was booked for an independent show in August, but that was it.

Today, Ring of Honor (ROH) announced his next appearance with the company. And while he won't be appearing on their big June pay-per-view (PPV) Best in the World, he'll be in a big match that they'll film for television the night after. And it's hard not to see the bout as a big middle finger to a certain Nashville-based company  that all four participants once toiled for...

Here's the announcement from ROH:


This is the definition of a DREAM MATCH! That distinction gets thrown around perhaps too often, but in this situation there is simply no other way to describe it. The four men battling against each other on June 20th represent so much history and competition, not just in Ring of Honor but in all of professional wrestling. And, of course, The Addiction are the current ROH World Tag Team Champions. We have confirmed that as of now no titles will be on the line for this contest...meaning the stakes are even higher with respect and honor hanging in the balance!

The long, competitive history between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe could fill an entire volume of professional wrestling history. These two giants of the sport have spent over a decade trying to outdo each other and there is no doubt that rivalry remains heated even as they are set to team up on June 20th. Currently, AJ Styles is at the absolute top of his game, the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion who many unequivocally name the absolute best in the world. But Samoa Joe's return to his roots has made him the hottest, most in demand athlete in the sport. These are two men who just keep getting better. Is there any way to stop the team of AJ Styles and Samoa Joe?

As the self-styled "World Tag Team Champions of the World," The Addiction are THE team to beat in Ring of Honor. While this may be a non-title contest, The Addiction are more than happy to point out that their long tenure as partners puts them at an advantage over virtually any other team, and now they've memorialized their superiority in gold. On top of that, these competitors have a long history with each other, particularly Daniels and Styles - no matter the time or the place, The Fallen Angel and The Phenomenal AJ Styles have always been linked. They have been partners and rivals... and on June 20th they compete against each other one more time!

Styles & Joe are not being considered for a championship match due to the questionable stability of the team. But The Addiction, although claiming to be defending ROH Tag Team Champions, have not offered to put the titles on the line. Will The Addiction speak up? Will The Addiction even be the champions once June 20th rolls around?

This DREAM MATCH is just one bout signed for this huge event in New York City. Plus, our television cameras will be rolling as the entire night is filmed for future episodes of ROH TV! Don't miss your chance to feel the AFTERSHOCK on June 20th! To get your tickets before they sell out, click HERE!

WWE Network isn't "television" per se, but appearing on TV for another promotion while Vince McMahon's company is featuring you in storylines and selling your merchandise is a huge deal. Not sure how catchy a chant it is, but Joe is gonna blaze trails.


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