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The REC Awards: May 17-23, 2015

After a VERY busy week for WWE (Payback, Kevin Owens murderdeathkilling John Cena on Raw, and one of the best matches in women's wrestling history at Takeover: Unstoppable), it's time to sum it all up in this week's REC Awards.

Let's do the thing



Shots and Thoughts: NXT Albany (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NXT) - MayorOfSuplexCity

Then And Now: To Cheat or Not To Cheat - WWORDuke

Quick note on wrestling fans, or Bayley is awesome - Zombie Shakespeare

Rage against the machine: On Lana, Stephanie McMahon, Ronda Rousey and women in WWE - GrecoRomanGuy

From vaguely familiar to genuine follower: How WWE won me over in just five months - kayfabe queen

Tap or Snap: Breaking Down Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks' instant classic at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable - Vidence

A Tale of Two Divas Divisions - powerofliberty


Comments (link to album)

First, Zentrification reacts to a rumor about Ryback. An (ahem) interesting exchange follows

TotalScrub makes Roman Reigns look strong. Insanity follows

ThePollux8 reacts to Takeover: Unstoppable. Brigade17, Magnus Magnolius, and others respond

Brigade17 reacts to Unstoppable. Rec-sanity follows

suiko and friends post some obligatory responses in exchange to Josh Matthews being himself

suiko has an idea for something Big Show can do instead of wrestling. Other ideas are passed around


the satyr icon asks a question regarding Finn Balor. suiko responds:

ReverendKain and The Notorious Eddie Mac imagine a conversation between Finn Balor and Vince McMahon:

South of Heaven makes a point. TheViewFromFigueroa counterpoints:

TheCourtOfOwls responds to a video of John Cena on the john. Sandow's Superior responds:

Sudden ChairShot has a realization:

treybeez gives THE pic in response to Raw:

Yourroleandyou responds to comments made by Ric Flair:

Zombie Shakespeare brings excitement:

Flyin' Ryan discusses how NXT really sold Samoa Joe's debut:

jerrycakes and Steve Sypa also react to Samoa Joe's debut:

Midnight Deeds has a question. Brigade17 creatively answers:

Next up are various reactions of Kevin Owens killing John Cena on Raw:

GhostOfLinkGaetz gives the standard response toward Vince Russo:

Daniel Alvarez takes issue to something said by Josh Matthews. A bringer of bad news tries to fix it:

DSmithImages reacts to the way WWE ignores TNA. Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman, South of Heaven, and The_Voice_Of_Treason respond:

DoNotCallMeBilly asks a question and DFreshMMA answers:

D.E.O. posts the perfect GIF:

suiko says. D.E.O. and The Beast Incarnate respond:

saintdane05 rebuts Matthews:

saintdane05 brings up Unstoppable and a heel turn from it. C-Note86 and Magnus Magnolius respond:

ReverendKain reacts to a couple things from that show:

Vidence and The Bong from Tamland discuss Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch:

shaqustewart93 posts a huge moment from Unstoppable. Boxingnut4324, Midnight Deeds, and TotalScrub respond:

14fizzpatrick makes an observation. Sandow's Superior responds:

ThedaB has something to celebrate:

Turtle Shell and MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns react to David Otunga:

TotalScrub reacts to Owen Owens' father:

Kagami has her own reaction:

Itaita and MichaelT1 also react to Owen:

Boxingnut4324 and Kevin Kostka respond to Paige's promo from SmackDown:

South of Heaven and SteelSooner react to the result of Payback's main event:

shaqustewart93 posts a huge moment from Payback:

Midnight Deeds,, and ElementofonE react to The New Day:

Midnight Deeds makes a good point:

More reactions for Kevin Owens MDKing Cena...

ChrisVannini posts a rebuttal to who should be released from WWE:

Total Discomfort responds to The Rock setting a selfie record:

Kevin Kostka has an idea. AmFuckingDeanbrose responds:

Flashking responds to Seth Rollins inheriting the Pedigree. Sandow's Superior wins:

DomCatz reacts to a Ryback rumor:

Flashking reacts to Roman Reigns' sinking ship. Sandow's Superior responds:

Boxingnut4324 has a message for Roman Reigns. nsuviolin responds:

MikeThePatsFan has a simple reaction to another bad feud for Reigns:

Bork Lazer gives Vince McMahon's reaction to Roman Reigns' fans. Midnight Deeds responds:

Magnus Magnolius also reacts to more Big Show and Kane shenanigans. TotalScrub, Sandow's Superior, and lepsaxon respond:

TotalScrub and NoVA Buckeye also respond:

LoneStranger time-travels:

quidproquo sings:

MayorOfSuplexCity and MonarchMKU posts huge moments from Lucha Underground. Flashking responds:

warmech discusses Ryback in poetic form. RuinedOverOut responds in poetic form:

MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns and MayorOfSuplexCity chant:

Josh Gagnon reacts to a future podcast guest:

Kevin Kostka makes a good point about Shield teases:

ZeroIndulgence discusses The Shield's brief reunion:

LivingInFantasy12 lives in fantasy:

treybeez shares a phone call:

KiniskiFan tries to get something trending. El Gato Pollo Loco fixes it:

N.P.C.C., Ace1212, and Dannie Ray discuss the probable end of TNA:

NoVA Buckeye shows us who made Destination America cancel TNA. El Gato Pollo Loco responds:

And finally, tetradite responds to Vince Russo:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in for next week's insanity!

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