Lucha Underground, Episode 28 (May 20, 2015): Rundown & Review

El Rey

An amusing episode 28 of Lucha Underground is in the books. In case you're still trying to find it, the show airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey and Saturdays at 4pm ET/PT in Spanish on UniMas. Catch up on last week's episode and watch the seven-way match with an Aztec medallion at stake. Also, check out the preview with a highlight video of previous action, including footage of Catrina's goons.

Now, on to the show...

Prince Puma vs Marty "The Moth" Martinez

The Moth hugged up behind Melissa Santos during his introduction and waved his arms like his spirit animal, the moth. It looked like he smelled her hair. Puma still sported his cat hat and had Konnan at ringside with him.

The match started with Martinez hugging Puma and requesting a photo. That's when the Moth struck with a surprise clothesline. Marty controlled the action early until Puma connected with a springboard kick to the head.

It was kind of a slow match that ended when Martinez missed a top corner moonsault, got spinning kicked in the head, slammed spinning sitout style, then 630 sentoned. It was a tougher bout than expected for Puma, but he was never in major trouble.

Konnan post-match promo

Hernandez entered atop the stairs. Konnan grabbed a mic and called Hernandez a sorry son of a bitch. Konnan also called him baby nuts, which the crowd later chanted. Konnan challenged Hernandez to fight Puma right now. The crowd voiced their feelings, "Culero," while Konnan screamed, "Odelay." Hernandez blew off the challenge.

Ringside with Vampiro featuring Johnny Mundo

Mundo is shirtless. Mundo did what he did to Alberto to make a statement. Mundo was here on day one because he wanted to be, not because he had nowhere else to go. He runs down Alberto with the message being he doesn't care. Mundo is the biggest star in Lucha Underground.

Mundo finishes by turning to the camera and saying, "But you already knew that," with a wink and a twinkle sound effect.

Cueto & the Crew office segment

Cueto gives a history lesson about Aztec sacrifices for the gods. He tells the Crew that they will climb the ladder and make a sacrifice of Team Havoc in the process. If they fail, it will anger the gods. And Cueto knows someone who will have no problem sacrificing the Crew. Nervous expressions wash over their faces.

DelAvar Daivari vs Texano

The majority of the match was a battle of fisticuffs. Daivari worked the left arm. Highlights include a superplex to Daivari, and a leaping leg lariat by Texano. Just as the action picked up, Big Ryck appeared out of nowhere to clothesline Texano. DQ.

Ryck and Daivari beat Texano down, culminating with a top turnbuckle hurricanrana from Dairvari. Daivari called for his golden beverage. Big Ryck forced the ref to count a pin as Daivari lie across Texano sipping his drink.

Dario Cueto & Catrina office segment

Cueto is peaking at the action through the window blinds when he gets tapped on the shoulder. He turns around, but no one is there. Cueto sits down with a case of the heebie jeebies. Catrina's hand spider crawls down his shoulder to the key around his neck.

Per Catrina's request, Cueto makes a match for next week between Mil Muertes and Fenix. Upon hearing her idea for a death match, he grins widely, turns to share his delight, but Catrina already vanished. The cogs in Cueto's mind are turning as we exit the scene. Or maybe he's having visions of violence.

Black Lotus train yard segment

Black Lotus has left her training in a ninja outfit to kill Matanza. El Dragon Azteca is reading this news from her journal in his secret hideout.

A familiar voice comes from the doorway. It's Chavo "Culero" Guerrero! He says his help will be needed if El Dragon Azteca doesn't want Black Lotus to die.

El Dragon Azteca & Chavo Guerrero boozing segment

The two are drinking alcohol at a tiny table. Chavo states that El Dragon Azteca's Aztec tribe, the Guerreros, and the Cuetos have a rich history. "Most of it painted in blood."

El Dragon Azteca coldly states, "The Guerreros are liars and cheaters." Chavo is looking to strike a deal. In exchange for El Dragon Azteca using his influence to stop Mexico from hunting down Chavo for his past transgressions, Chavo will protect Black Lotus. El Dragon Azteca accepts.

Trios championship ladder match: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico vs Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco, Bael

Ivelisse came out on crutches. The Crew ran for an ambush before Team Havoc entered the upper stair area. The beatdown spilled into the crowd. Bael sucker punched Ivelisse from behind. The ladder violence didn't waist much time in letting its presence be felt.

Highlights include Angelico using the momentum of being whipped into the rope to execute a flip to the outside and landing on a horizontally held ladder which crushed Cortez and Bael underneath, Cisco suicide diving out of the space that used to be Cueto's office window, Havoc getting pushed off a ladder and turning it into a springboard moonsault, and Angelico with a missile dropkick off Cueto's roof to Cortez as he climbed the ladder.

Ivelisse used that moment to climb the ladder, but Cisco was quick to scale up the other side. Ivelisse bit Cisco's hand. That proved to be enough of a distraction so she could unstrap a belt and win the match for her team. Team Havoc retained. Cueto was in disbelief in his office.


Overall, it was yet another entertaining episode. The wrestling action was a notch down from the norm, but the story progression was right on line. Even though I was a little light on details in the rundown this week, I encourage seeking out video of the Mundo interview, Catrina death match proposition, and the latest chapters in the Black Lotus saga. All were quality segments. Give the El Rey Network YouTube channel a try in case they get posted later on.

On first viewing, I wasn't a fan of the Trios ladder match. It was tough for me to get over the logic that a 3-on-2 ladder match should be an easy victory for the team of 3. Ivelisse climbing for the win with her broken foot was also kind of predictable and a little too set up (not natural in the flow). On second viewing, I could let myself just enjoy the action for what it was. In addition to Angelico's insane rooftop dropkick, the match had plenty of fun moments, such as Bael swinging a chair for a ladder nut shot to Angelico and Mr. Cisco getting pushed through Cueto's office window space via falling ladder.

Death match between Fenix and Mil Muertes? Yes, please. I don't even care about the violence. The story has me all in no matter what happens.

Chavo! He surprised the heck out of me with his appearance. And it fit perfectly with his character and story. The fantastic touch of acknowledging his motivation as self-perseverance from Mexico getting payback is one of those little things that enhances a story in a meaningful way. (For newcomers, Chavo chair bashed the legend Blue Demon into the hospital and also treated Sexy Star and Mascarita Sagrada violently. Mexico wasn't going to let his behavior slide without repercussions.)

In last week's poll, Pentagon Jr. was voted as the seven-way match stealer with 57% of 103 votes. Fenix came in second with 19%, and Sexy Star earned third with 10%.

Thoughts and theories about the episode? Anybody share spirit animals with "The Moth"? Did the Trios ladder match live up to your expectations? Will Dario Cueto follow through with his threat of shacking the Crew into Matanza's cell? Who are you rooting for in the death match? Enjoy the hard-hitting, fun Trios ladder match and catch Angelico's flying feat.

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