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Finn Balor reveals how he got his name in NXT


While Samoa Joe may be keeping the name he's used throughout his pro wrestling career now that he's finally made his way to WWE to work in NXT, he's one of the few exceptions to the rule. No matter how bright your star has shined outside of WWE, the company wants to trademark the name you use as performer while you're working for the promotion.

That's why Prince Devitt became Finn Balor.

If nothing else, it's always interesting to learn how the new name came into existence. To that end, Balor talked to Chris Jericho on the Talk is Jericho podcast and explained as much:

"The idea behind that was they wanted me to come up with a name that had meaning in Gaelic, which is the Irish language, and I had come up with a few things. But Balor is the one-eyed demon king in Celtic mythology. So it kind of tied in with what I was doing with The Demon. Finn... There's a Celtic folk hero called Finn McCool, who was the Balor's arch enemy, so he was the babyface. Also, my dad's name is Finnton. Everyone calls him Finn. So we had a short list of names and I'd kind of looked into Finn extensively. Because it kind of tied in with Balor and then obviously a lot of people called my dad Finn it was a no brainer."

How cool is that?

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