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Video: Samoa Joe's first WWE promo in NXT - I am happy and I am here

Samoa Joe made his WWE debut in NXT at the "Takeover: Unstoppable" event tonight in Orlando, saving Sami Zayn from Kevin Owens and engaging in an epic staredown you need to see to believe. After the show went off the air on the WWE Network he cut his first promo in a WWE ring. Here it is.

"So this is NXT. Now you see I've always made it a point to compete in the hottest promotions in the world and everywhere I've looked and everyone I've asked told me one thing: 'Joe, if you want to do what you want to do, if you want to be with the very best, and the most hungry, and the most vicious, violent, and excellent pro wrestlers in the world, you come to NXT.' And if tonight is any indication of the competition I can expect, well, rest assured Joe is happy and Joe is here. So consider this your warning. I am Samoa Joe, I am pro wrestling, and I am now here in NXT."

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