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Finn Bálor didn't meet Vince McMahon until WrestleMania

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NXT fans are often concerned with how involved Vince McMahon is with Developmental - either because they're worried that he's going to come in and muck up their favorite show, or curious what plans he has for their Full Sail favorites on Raw and Smackdown.

If the anecdote Finn Bálor told MTV UK is any indication, if McMahon is keeping tabs on the NXT roster, it's at a distance. In fact, the few words that the Irish Superstar's shared with the Chairman didn't even happen until NXT's WrestleMania weekend show in San Jose - eight months after his signing with WWE was official:

Neville had just gone to the ring, I was behind the curtain waiting to make my trademark entrance and I heard: ‘Finn, Finn!'

"I turned around and it was Triple H. He said: ‘Come here, come here.' So I ran over and he said have you met Vince yet? I said: ‘No, sir.'

"And as I said that, out from behind the curtain popped Mr McMahon. He said: ‘How're you doing, kid? Nice to meet you.'I said: ‘Nice to meet you, sir.' And on that cue my music started and I said: ‘Oh! I've gotta go!'

Sure enough, I went to the ring and the rest is history!

This meshes with Neville's tale of only having talked to Vince for "20 seconds" even after he'd been a staple of house shows and Raw dark matches for months.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Depends on whether you view NXT as its own brand or as a feeder system for the main roster, I suppose...

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