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Hideo Itami, Becky Lynch, Enzo & Big Cass get new NXT shirts

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Just in time for tonight's Takeover: Unstoppable event: New NXT shirts!

Enzo Amore and Big Cass got new merch with a 'How You Doin" shirt featuring the two on the back.

EC shirt

Becky Lynch and Hideo Itami get their first shirts in the WWEShop. Each celebrate the wrestler's culture, kind of....

Hideo can 'Go Go'....

Hideo shirt

and Becky is 'Maiden Ireland'

Becky shirt

Does the Lynch shirt bother anyone else? I'd prefer it to actually say 'Ass Kicker' instead of having grown men wearing shirts that imply they could beat up a woman. Is it just me?

Most T-shirts are on sale today! Pick up yours here.

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