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WWE NXT TakeOver Unstoppable results, live streaming match coverage tonight (May 20, 2015)

WWE NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable is all set to pop off tonight (Wed., May 20, 2015) from Full Sail Live, at 8 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT TakeOver Unstoppable below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature Kevin Owens defending his NXT championship against old friend and enemy Sami Zayn.  Sami said he came back with a plan to thwart KO, but the champ has wounded him psychologically and Owens' Elimination Chamber rival John Cena wounded him physically...what will he have tonight against a man who powerbombed him until he was unable to respond at Rival?

Injury has also effected what was to be a Triple Threat to determine the #1 contender for the NXT title. Hideo Itami has not been cleared to compete, so for now, the next opponent for the champ will be either Tyler Breeze or Finn Bálor.

In a match that, especially given the questions about Zayn's health, has fans as excited as the men's title bout is Sasha Banks defending her title against old partner Becky Lynch. And that's not the only women's match on the show! Charlotte & Bayley have had plenty of issues in the past, but they're putting those aside to battle vain newcomer Dana Brooke and vindictive returnee Emma.

Blake & Murphy have come a long way from shocking Lucha Dragons to win the tag team championship. Now that it looks like their plans to bring Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady's friend Carmella to their side seems to have failed, what will the Dubstep Cowboys do to defeat the red hot Realest Guys duo?

And an unstoppable veteran force meets an immovable rookie object when Rhyno and Baron Corbin collide. Plus, we're looking out for a possible Samoa Joe appearance, or maybe the debut of Sesugh Uhaa... or whatever their names would be if they crash the show.

Check out our overview of the card and Predictions while you're waiting for the show to start!

And kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!





  • Finn Bálor defeats Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami via pinfall following a Coup de Grace to become the #1 contender for the NXT Championship
  • Bayley & Charlotte defeat Dana Brooke & Emma via pinfall following Natural Selection (Charlotte to Emma)
  • Baron Corbin defeats Rhyno via pinfall following End of Days
  • Blake & Murphy defeat Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady via pinfall (Blake on Amore) following a bunch of Alexa Bliss-enabled shenanigans to retain their NXT Tag Team Championship
  • Sasha Banks defeats Becky Lynch via submission following a Bank Statement to retain her NXT Women's Championship
  • Kevin Owens (c) vs. Sami Zayn ends in a no contest due to MDK, Zayn is saved by SAMOA JOE



Hey now, it's Sean. Howudoin?

Intro package builds the brand before it starts recapping the feuds.

Tyler Breeze fashion show, Uggos! Looks like they've laid out Full Sail Live differently to have a larger entrance area - no ramp & stage so they can use that whole area. Prince Pretty is resplendent in red faux fur.

I missed the pre-show, but apparently the kayfabe story is that Hideo Itami was attacked in the parking lot...and Kevin Owens is a suspect!

Fog machine, speaking in tongues and the DEMON done been brought. He's got some horns growing out of the back of his cape and enhancements to the paint, but it is still in the red & black mold we've seen on NXT before.

Tyler is not impressed.

Finn Bálor vs. Tyler Breeze to determine the #1 contender for the NXT Championship

Lock-ups and exchanges early. Breeze doing his heel-ish duck-outs, but is not playing it like he's intimidated.

Finn looks like he's going for a dive when Tyler rolls out, but Prince Pretty charges at him. The next exchange ends when heel kicks the Irishman down to the apron. They look evenly matched, but Breeze gets the upper hand again following a neckbreaker.

Early trip to chinlock city, but TB is unable to get a pinfall. Balor eventually reverses out of a Sunset Flip with a dropkick, and another one sends the model to the floor to set-up a double stomp there. Breeze gets rolled back in, but moves before Finn can hit his finisher.

Breeze thwarts Bloody Sunday, but gets caught in a Sling Blade. Balor runs right into a Supermodel Kick that gets a nearfall. Tyler leans on the ropes, pretending to catch his breath but actually uncovering the turnbuckle. The ref moves him but doesn't catch it. Tyler puts the boots to his opponent, but is nearly tossed into the corner. He pulls up short, and tosses the Irishman into it and hits the Beauty Shot. 1 - 2 - NO!

After complaining for a bit, Finn gets back on the offensive and Breeze goes to walk out. But Finn came from the side to lay him out, climbed the rafters above the stage and dove onto him on the ramp! He carried his opponent back to the ring, blasted him with a drop kick and hit the Coup de Grace.

Finn Balor defeats Tyler Breeze via pinfall following a Coup de Grace

Stephanie is chilling in the stands with The Mountain from Game of Thrones, and we get another video package explaining how much fun the road trips were.

Heels out first, followed by the former champ and then the Hugster! The Nature Girl is in full babyface mode, and hugs B after some snap bracelets are distributed.

Bayley & Charlotte vs. Dana Brooke & Emma

Bayley and Brooke start. The TotalDiva tosses B to the ground, but is immediately lifted to the corner for some quick tags and tandem attacks. Brooke gets to the corner for a tag, and we get an Evil Emma's Dark Emma, you guys.

E tries to use Dana as a shield, but Bayley flings herself feet first through the corner to knock them both down. The Hugster climbs the ropes, but Brooke grabs the legs and lets Emma throw her into the ring to take control.

The evil duo executes the quick tag strategy to put the boots to Bayley. A whip sends her headband flying, then and Evil Emma-mite Sandwich gets two. The Aussie eggs on the crowd and taunts Charlotte, but walks into a toss. Both ladies get tags, and Brooke takes a flurry of chops and a boot. Emma tries to run in and gets chased off, but that allows Brooke to get on the offensive. The former champ cartwheels out of a whip and hits a Double DDT that gets her a two count on Emma.

The former dancer gets some licks in, but Charlotte rolls a top rope cross body into a Figure Four. Brooke runs in, but Bayley slides under the bridge to hit her with a Belly-to-Bayley! Those two roll out, leaving Emma open to Natural Selection. Hugs for everybody!

Charlotte & Bayley defeat Emma & Dana Brooke via pinfall following Natural Selection (Charlotte  on Emma)

We recap the Sami Zayn injury story and watch Zayn psych himself up in the mirror. Crowd shots of the new signees.

Baron Corbin vs. Rhyno

The ECW guy gets the best of the first lock-up and WOOs like a Flair. He knocks Corbin out the ring, but The Lone Wolf comes right back in. He gets thrown back to the floor and the Man-Beast follows him. The brawl back to the ring, and eventually shoves Rhyno to the floor.

Corbin goes a little nuts and lays into Rhyno with everything, especially a number of high knees in the corner and sliding out of the ring to to slap him silly while he's hanging over the bottom rope. Then it's back to a rest hold while the crowd does dueling chants for the pair.

Rhyno punches his way to a small comeback, and they collide. The Man Beast gets to his feet first, and eventually hits a big Spinebuster to get a nearfall. A big toss looks like it should lead to the Gore, but Corbin gets up to Clothesline him! He whips him into End of Days for the win!

Baron Corbin defeats Rhyno via pinfall following End of Days

Just heard Destination America cancelled Maybe it's just the weekend shows. Who knows...probably not good.

Who cares? Let's watch Kevin Owens hoss John Cena around again!

Weird hair bothers the champ, and might not live to see the end result. Okay, Owens wants to talk about his title defenses on the road and his Monday night, too. And he ties it into his match tonight by offering "a little veteran advice" to Sami...stay home or no one will C U again.

Corey Graves is flabbergasted, but everyone else in FSL is pumped. HOWUDOIN!

Carmella has on a cat suit thing. It's nice. Enzo calls the champs Cottonelle, makes some paper towel references and Cass does some spelling!

A flashback to the champ's backstage assault is aired during their entrance.

Blake & Murphy (c) vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady

Enzo and Pigtails start, and Amore is crossbodying and dropkicking fools for near falls!

Blake forces him the corner for a tag, but Enzo slips out and get a tag of his own and the champs are scared of the seven footer. Big Cass no sells some loud chops from the Australian. An attempted DDT lands him belly first on the other side of the ring - that gets two.

Things get hectic as Enzo comes in hot again, but gets caught with a clothesline on the apron by Murphy while fending off Blake with a kick to the floor. Face in peril time for the little guy.

Cass gets cleared off the apron with an elbow while Amore scraps to stay alive. Dubsteppers hit a backstabber/powerbomb combo, but Enzo kicks out! Murphy tried to set him up for a superplex, but Enzo makes it a diving DDT!

Both guys get tags, and Cass cleans house. Empire Elbow gets a, it's broken up! Double team gets thwarted by a clothesline, and the side slam looks like it could end it. But the big guy goes to launch Enzo for their splash, but the kid is groggy. Here comes Alexa Bliss to attack Carm!

Cass goes to check on her and gets tossed and hit with a Superkick on the floor! Enzo comes back to life and looks for something off the top, and Bliss pulls him down! Blake rolls him up and the champs retain.

Blake & Murphy defeat Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady via pinfall (Blake on Amore) following a bunch of Alexa Bliss-enabled shenanigans

Bryon Saxton is kind of awful. Video package on BEX's journey to the Women's title match. This is actually a pretty badass piece documenting this feud.

The challenger gets the walkout camera and a boxing-esque hooded robe. It's a steampunk vibe, complete with goggles. Grave is my spirit animal for the HG Wells and Fifth Element references. She's also dyed her hair orange-orange. She looks like she's cosplaying a Final Fantasy character.

Champ gets the same cam, and I love how she doesn't seem to care about what her former partner just did.

Sasha Banks (c) vs. Becky Lynch for the NXT Women's Championship

Opening lock-up leads to some jawing from the champ, who ends up getting her arm grabbed while she was sassing. Good chain wrestling as they jockey for position.

Bex has a lot of new offense, and counters a dive into a Facebuster all while looking for ways to grab the arm. Lynch gets a little too cute jumping over the ropes in the corner, but ends up having her kick caught and getting pulled face first onto the apron. It takes a while to get her back in the ring and therefore only gets a two count.

Banks goes after the arms herself, and ties her up in the ropes to mock Lynch's signature pose before doing it herself. Sasha handcuffs her opponent with the straightjacket, hits a backstabber and holds on, but Becky won't yield.

The challenger creates separation, but ends up getting the double-knees on her arm! Lynch still won't yield or allow herself to be pinned, and The Boss gets medieval with the arm attacks.

Lynch reverses into a roll-up, but the champ shakes that off and locks it right back up. Lynch rolls her over again and hosses her up for a big backdrop off her shoulder! She fights back with her good arm and some kicks, then a big missle drop kick off the top rope for 1 - 2 - NO!

It takes her a while to get her bearings after that, allowing Banks to climb the ropes to flip her and then hit her with two running knees drops in the corner. That somehow doesn't get the cover, and the two eventually battle to the floor. Lynch goes back to the arms, and they barely get back into the ring. Big suplex for Lynch onto the arm, hyperextends her elbow and then suplexes her onto her arm! Nearfall but Sasha won't go down.

They roll throw some stuff and I'm having a hard time doing this because I'm marking out. Lynch locks in the armbar again, and Sasha barely gets to the bottom rope.

Banks flies to the floor, but Lynch kind of catches her. She lifts her back up and drives her back first into the ring steps! She rolls her back in and climbs up top, but Banks attacks and nails a Bank Statement! She'd got her facing the middle of the ring, and Bex has no choice but to tap!

Sasha Banks defeats Becky Lynch via submission following a Bank Statement

Good luck following that fellas. You can do it, but it won't be easy. Lynch gets a well deserved standing ovation after the champ clears out, and gets to walk out to her music. Great fokking match.

More video for the Owens - Zayn feud. I am spent, though. Get me back, boys.

Challenger is out first. OWENS IS WEARING CENA'S SHIRT. Even Sami has to give that a grin.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Owens bails immediately after the bell. Zayn smiles and waits.

Playing to the Cena-hating crowd, Owens walks around the ring and Sami attacks! He punches the champ into the ring, where he's met with punches from KO. They go back to the floor where Kev sets up for his first powerbomb, only to get flopped on his back. Zayn clubs him over the steps and back into the ring.

But not for long, SZ pulls him out and bounces him face first off one set of stairs and belly first off another. He breaks the count and pulls him back out, throwing Owens over the barricade into the crowd. Sami follows!

Powerbomb attempt, but Zayn grabs the railing! KO charges, and Sami dumps him back into the ring area flat on his back! In the ring, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Two! The champ begs for mercy, but gets caught trying to claw his way out of the ring. HALF AND HALF FOR TWO!

Sami  goes for a Tornado DDT, but Owens reverses into a backbreaker. Sami dodges a cannonball, and hits the Exploder.! KO rolls out. Zayn charges, but he gets caught. APRON POWER BOMB! Sami is being checked on by two referees while the champ rolls into the ring.

Owens back to dish out more punishment, refs try to contain him but can't.


The champ sets him up on the apron and drags him into the ring. POWERBOMB CITY coming. William Regal runs in an demands he stop. Owens backs off but then charges and gets a claw from the GM. Owens head butts him out of the ring!

He goes and gets his title and a chair. Uh-oh. Chair shot to the music...

JOE! And they called him SAMOA JOE!

He looks good. He makes a bee-line to the champ and they're nose-to-nose. KO backs off and Joe goes right back to him. The champ takes his belt and backs out of the arena, telling him "this is my house".

Joe poses as the crowd cheers.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn ends in a no contest

The champ comes back out, teasing a fight, but backs off - saying "I did what I needed to do"

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