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Does Eric Bischoff belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Former WCW head and WWE on-screen character Eric Bischoff recently chatted with Back Sports Page founder Randy Zellea. Their conversation mostly focused on Easy E's current role as a television producer, but they did touch on wrestling in relation to that - WCW being forced to share TBS production staff, how TNA compared to other experiences in wrestling ("like going to be a designer at a Car company in Detroit and then going to work at an auto body shop").

By that roundabout route, they ended up talking about whether or not Bischoff felt he belonged in Vince McMahon's Hall of Fame. While you think about your answer, here's his:

The Hall of Fame Question has been asked a lot and I don't mean to be coy but I really don't know how I feel about it. Obviously it would be a great honor and to me it and to me it would be validation. I would be overwhelmed for many reasons but there is a part of me I would have to reconcile with. There is a part of me that believes the HOF should be about the wrestlers. I don't mean the guys who jumped in the ring once in a while who helped further a storyline or a gimmick. I'm talking about the guys who struggled for years as they slept in their cars and sacrificed so they could reach that level of success and greatness they earned. I would feel awkward to be honest.

If they did a HOF for wrestling executives then I would be all over that. I just don't see myself in the category as some of the other people in the Hall of Fame. I would be excited if they offered me a ticket to see it live because it's one of my favorite parts of Wrestlemania . I really shouldn't say that because the focus should be the action in the ring, that's what it's all about. The thing is being honest I look forward to the Hall of Fame because you get a sense of real emotion and you see how much it means to some people. Look at last year with guys like the Warrior. He got to heal honest wounds and seeing that drama is what appeals to me in this business.

I'm not the biggest Bischoff fan in the world, but I think he undersells his legacy a bit here. His role in the industry/form's most lucrative period, and several successful runs as an on-screen character, far exceed the sometimes low bar that WWE has set for inclusion in their club.

But his humilty and reverence for the guys and gals putting wear and tear on their bodies for our entertainment is nice.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Should Bischoff get an invite to the WWE Hall? Will he?

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