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Finn Bálor is in 'no rush' to join WWE main roster, focused on turning NXT into 'an alternative'

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MTV UK spoke to WWE NXT star Finn Bálor recently, and like most fans & media who get a minute with the Irishman, they wanted to talk about the main roster.

When does he think he'll be called up? How will he be debuted? Will his character translate? Is he worried about how they'll use him?

The man who just spent the weekend battling the current NXT champ on house shows in Pennsylvania and New York was quick to shut down that whole line of questioning, though:

A lot of people keep talking about this call up to the main roster but for most of us at NXT we all believe what we're doing at the moment is equally as important and we're all fully committed to that.

I'm not in any rush to make a move to Raw or SmackDown. I'm very content at NXT and there's a lot of challenges and a lot of milestones still to be achieved in NXT before I make any move.

We all believe that we're creating an alternative and we believe this is something we can sustain, grow and develop.

I want to be part of the growth of NXT. I'm one of the leaders of what we're pushing.

Given that he was talking to media from the United Kingdom, it's not surprising that he also continued the teasing his boss, Triple H, has been doing about an overseas tour for NXT.

What was a little surprising is that an exchange about WWE trademarking "Bálor Club" and the Too Sweet hand gesture made it into the interview. Rather than addressing the legal issues there or their effect on his old mates from New Japan Pro Wrestling, the conversation focused on if Finn might have a posse when he does eventual appear on Raw. In typical wrestling fashion, he would neither confirm nor deny that idea, but he did tease the differences between his regular character and who he becomes when he wears his popular war paint:

Never say never...But at the moment Finn Bálor is one of two people and whether you see me or you see the Demon is yet to be determined... but it'll be one or the other.

How does any of that factor in to your fantasy booking of a Finn call-up, or your analysis of NXT growth strategies?

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