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Don’t bring back The Shield ... Yet

Last night at WWE Payback (May 17th, 2015), during the main event, a very short-lived Shield reunion occurred. While teases like that are fun, WWE needs handle this group's future differently.

Now before you tear down my door -- and you know how much I hate that -- please, hear me out. Last night, at Payback all three former members faced off for the first time. WWE pushed that story hard, and some fans were really hyped to see these three go at it.

I was not, because I’m trying to forget.

During the match WWE teased a short-lived reunion, with the group getting together to triple powerbomb Randy Orton through a table. It was fun, but there has simply not been enough time to truly appreciate and enjoy a Shield reunion. Before the PPV, I wrote up a "Five Reasons to Watch Payback" article and it didn’t even cross my mind to mention The Shield storyline. Not that I want WWE to scrub away history, but there is so much more satisfaction when we -- the fans -- completely move on and kind of forget the past. If WWE continuously reminds us of their former allegiance, it's going to take something away from their eventual reunion.

Look at some of the biggest stables in wrestling history and how their reunions have been handled. DX broke up around 2000, and it took six years before just Shawn Michaels and Triple H teamed up a couple times (06-07 and 09-10). They were not exactly the best runs either, older guys trying to act "R" in a "PG" environment. Not to mention hawking merchandise like no other. It took ten years before all the members got together, and now it seems like they show up every six months. This takes away the intrigue, when they show up, I don't really care.

Since 1996, the nWo has joined together a ridiculous amount of times across three companies; WCW, WWE, and TNA. Although, due to copyright they weren't specifically known as the nWo in TNA, but they portrayed the group just the same. Since their original run, every other variation has been sub-par, tarnishing the original reputation that made this stable unbelievably fresh and popular. During Triple H vs. Sting at WrestleMania 31, both DX and nWo members showed up in what was an overbooked mess, that I won't bother to watch again.

To me, Evolution has been handled the best. They broke up in 2005, had one in-ring promo together in 2007 for Raw's 15th anniversary, and that was it for the group. It wasn't until seven years later that Triple H, Orton, and Batista joined back up to take on Daniel Bryan and The Shield.

Although the reunion lasted only a few months, it had a great surprise factor, and was well orchestrated to put over some young talent.

Not to mention we received one of the best "goodbyes" ever from Batista...

Getting back to The Shield, my hope is WWE treats them differently. From start to finish they have one of the best booked stories ever in wrestling. So move on, give it a couple years -- yes, years! -- before trying to bring them back together. No "teases" or "hints", just leave it alone. Seth Rollins royally screwed over Ambrose and Reigns, there is no reason why they should ever got together in the near future.

Save that special moment for when nobody is expecting it, because when "The Hounds of Justice" come out of the crowd, down the aisle, or from the rafters...all hell will break loose, and it will be amazing.

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