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WWE Payback 2015 results: Lana quits for Rusev .. or did she? John Cena retains US title, anyway

This went exactly the way you thought it would.

John Cena does not lose "I Quit" matches. He was up against Rusev in one at tonight's Payback pay-per-view (PPV) at the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland with the United States championship on the line.

As usual, John Cena did not lose an "I Quit" match.

The match was, as expected, a showcase of brutality -- or at least as much as they can do with these particular performers in this particular setting. The story was really a lot more about Lana and how she would or would not ultimately get involved if Rusev was struggling to stay in it.

They teased as much after Cena hit an AA onto some pyrotechnics. Then, it appeared Rusev may have had the match won after he made Cena pass out in the Accolade. The commentary team, however, debated about the referee's ability to stop the match, considering the entire point of it is for one of the competitors to say the words "I quit."

Ultimately, Rusev undid the top rope, used some water to wake Cena up, and charged him with it. Naturally, Cena ducked, took the rope, and used it to lock in the STF.

At this point, Lana climbed in the ring, grabbed a microphone, and said "he quits! He quits!"

The announce team pondered aloud if Rusev was speaking in Bulgarian as the referee was asking him if he wanted to quit and perhaps Lana simply interpreted it and made the call. That's your teaser for Raw tomorrow night.

Either way, Cena wins again.

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