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The REC Awards: May 10-16, 2015

Oh hey, it's another PPV Sunday. As we get ready to experience Playback Payback, let us first enjoy some fun fun REC Awards!



Why Lucha Underground Works - kmtierney

An Open Letter to Bryan Danielson - BrassCitySaint

A Dean Ambrose push is what's truly best for business - Kyle_Da'Costa

The Great American Dragon: Why Bryan Will Be Missed - CaptialTTruth

Fan Report from WWE NXT in Philadelphia, May 14, 2015 - BigDanRTW

The Resurrection: Turning Adam Rose back into Leo Kruger - Hollywood J Blaq

Would you make it in WWE? - Appledough Chronicles


Comments (link to album)

First, Kevin Kostka sees a problem with a tag-team Elimination Chamber match. MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns sees a good thing about it:

El Gato Pollo Loco has a brilliant idea:

Sean Rueter posts a rebuttal to Geno Mrosko's post about the women main-eventing in Philadelphia:

So does TheDudeAbides138:

VoltySquirrel has a question. the satyr icon answers:

HT101 wonders something about the Meta Powers. OurLadyJustice posts the winning response:

Zombie Shakespeare evaluates Tyler Breeze:

Vidence recaps NXT:

The so-called Beautiful points out a great thing from the Full Sail crowd:

To make South of Heaven feel better, AntonSirius posts a vintage mother-in-law joke:

LadyBlack posts a relevant meme regarding tonight's show

Trout Jefferson reacts to the Meta-Powers:

jerrycakes reacts to a LOLTNA rumor:

Y2H asks a question. Sandow's Superior responds with a question, and Zentrification answers:

MayorOfSuplexCity reacts to a slow day:

TotalScrub and MayorOfSuplexCity infringe:

The Amazing A-hole presents the real new face of fear:

Flashking teaches a lesson:

Kevin Kostka reacts to a rumor, and Sandow's Superior responds:

BriOhBri reacts to the rumor about WWE turning the pop down for Daniel Bryan. IsildursHeir, Zentrification, and Magnus Magnolius find a typo and absolutely run with it:

Zombie Shakespeare has a question. Sandow's Superior answers:

Zentrification makes a simple point:

Zentrification and Jerosh discuss The Shield's breakup:

Flashking, Action Bastard, and Kevin Kostka discuss titles for Undertaker's book:

JBL's Hat gives the REAL title. Zentrification, shaqustewart93, and DoNotCallMeBilly respond:

Abel Asa challenges a rumor. drock1331, Lordban, Jerosh, Sandow's Superior, Periander, and BRiCKFROG1017 respond:

shaqustewart93 reacts to a big rumor. Magnus Magnolius questions the excitement, and blueandorange4life debunks the skepticism:

MayorOfSuplexCity posts a winning pic. Blueblob4life and DoNotCallMeBilly respond:

TotalScrub reacts to a rumor about Seth Rollins:

And finally, Flashking posts a relevant meme that WILL (mark my words) reign true tonight:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Enjoy Payback or Playback or whatever-we're-calling-it and tune in for next week's insanity!

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