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What Renee Young and Smarks have in common...loving Dean Ambrose

Everybody who comes to Cageside Seats has an opinion about what's going on in pro wrestling - The Smark's Shoot Standings (S3) are where YOU let us know YOURS.

Cast a vote in the comments. Give us the four performers you think entertained or impressed the most in the last week, and feel free to talk about why. And/or vote for your top performer in our poll.

We also have the outcome of last week's voting, the results of which make up our annual competition for Performer of the Year.

Remember, the Standings are for the previous week's nationally televised and internet streaming pro wrestling shows -  the May 11th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Lucha Underground & WWE NXT from Wednesday the 13th, Thursday's free web release of ROH TV and WWE SmackDown on SyFy, ROH & NJPW's War of the Worlds internet pay-per-view (iPPV)the TNA Impact Wrestling that aired on Friday, May 15th and whatever other internet streaming wrestling that aired from the 10th - 16th.

Make YOUR mark, smarks!

Even when he's being adorbs he's kind of profane...

must be why she - and you Smarks - love him.

  • Just like last year, give The Lunatic Fringe something meaningful to do, and the Votes will come.
  • He barely won the week, though, due to its overall quality. An NXT star (re)debuting on Raw came the closest, but the a couple of guys with titles who've become top five mainstays were also right there.
  • The! New! Champs!...are a hit across the board, even if the agility and the brains of the operation garnered a few more points than the muscle last week.
  • Another main event from Boyle Heights made an impression, and landed a couple of ex-WWE stars on the weekly ten.
  • You end Swagsuke's epic reign, you earn props from Smarks.

The S3: 2015-16, Week 6

1. Dean Ambrose
2. Sami Zayn

3. Seth Rollins
4. John Cena
5. (tie) Kofi Kingston

5. (tie) Xavier Woods
7. Big E

8. Alberto El Patron
9. Johnny Mundo
10. Hirooki Goto

Points in our weekly Standings determine our annual list - full details on rules and scoring HERE.

A pattern is developing that could lead to a runaway repeat win for The Architect, as he and Cena are the only guys to have made the top ten every week - and Seth is typically in the top three.

The S3 Performer of the Year - through the Week Ending May 9

1. Seth Rollins - 42 points
2. Neville - 37

3. John Cena - 26

4. Dean Ambrose - 19

5. Kane - 18
6. Bad News Barrett 17

7. Sheamus - 16

8. Roman Reigns - 12

9. Randy Orton - 11

10. (tie) Brock Lesnar - 10

10. (tie) Big E- 10


Lots to digest this week, especially considering that there were a ton of shows that technically aren't eligible since they weren't online. But, hey, this isn't Minority Report, so vote your conscious. Check in with our sections on the major televised and/or streamed shows as needed - RawImpactLucha UndergoundNXTSmackdownROH - then give us your Vote and comeback next week!

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