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Rumor Look Back: Nov 10 - Nov 16, 2014

Welcome to the weekly rumor look back, seeing how rumors from 6 months ago played out. First, some corrections:

Last week, after I graded a rumor regarding the airing date of SmackDown in Canada on Wednesdays as incorrect, our Canadian Cagesiders informed me that it does mainly air on Wednesday. (+1)

I marked this wrong two weeks ago:

It appears the Elimination Chamber PPV will be moved to June.

And while technically it was moved to the 31st of May, I’ll play nice and give the point back. (+1)

And this rumor was outstanding:

Then Elimination Chamber match will be around some time this year

And now we know it is 2 weeks time. (1/1)

On to this week:

November 10th, 2014

It is expected that the final members of Team Authority and Team Cena will be revealed tonight on Raw

This is incorrect because Rowan was not introduced until the following week on Raw. Ryback and Harper weren’t official until next week as well. (0/1)

WWE believes Roman Reigns needs to be a more "well rounded" character and that’s why he is working with an acting coach.

Not a rumor to be graded, but let me ask all of you, do you think the Reigns character is better rounded now than then? I know I enjoy him more now but I’m not sure if he’s more three dimensional.

Justin Gabriel tweeted that he was going to be leaving the European tour after Leeds. This lead to speculation on his actual status but it appears he’s just working his twitter followers

Working what? I do not know. I don’t even know if he was a heel at the time. I can’t grade this, but I can say that 3 months later he was gone from the company. Would not be surprised if actual frustration bubbled over at times, but he didn't leave the tour.

November 11th, 2014

Bad New Barrett has hinted he’s 4-6 weeks away from coming back, so he could be back by TLC.

Close, but no cigar. It was 7 weeks and he missed the PPV. (0/1)

Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler looks to be the plan moving forward. Don’t be surprised if Harper wins the IC title.

Harper did win the IC title close to Survivor Series. He and Ziggler feuded for it afterwards and had an awesome ladder match at TLC. (2/2)

The GFW announcement is expected to have something to do with the New Japan PPV

This correct. GFW presented Wrestle Kingdom 9. We didn’t get a GFW roster until just last week. (1/1)

November 12th, 2014

Hulk Hogan is not only promoting WrestleMania but also discussing that he will be working a match.

Yeah, Hogan’ll do that.  At this point he's kind of like the pseudo-crazy uncle you have that just states random stuff at Thanksgiving and everyone just humors him.

Adam Rose and the Bunny may be a Survivor Series pre show match

This match never happened. How disappointing. (0/1)

It is expected that Big E will join Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston in this new group. They will be billed as the New Day and debut soon.

This is obviously all true. They debuted at the end of November. And 6 months later, they are heel, awesome, and your tag team champs. New… Day Rocks. (3/3)

Zack Ryder had successful shoulder surgery and it is expected he’ll be out up to 6 months.

He was actually back by the Royal Rumble 2 months later. He was eliminated pretty quickly. (0/1)

November 13th, 2014

The "Ebola Promo" Vince cut on the England crowd was just him cutting a heel promo on a crowd to keep them lively and did not have any malice behind it.

Not a gradable one, but I just wanted you to all remember this somewhat awkward promo. (I tried to find a good for you all, but WWE had that one taken down. This one is shakier and you can’t hear him as well.)

The station that TNA is apparently negotiating with is Destination America

That it is. Probably not the caliber of station they were hoping for.  And TNA likely wasn't the ratings grab DA was hoping for. (1/1)

November 14th, 2014

Although it’s not official, it’s expected that Luke Harper and Ryback will be the final members of team Authority Cena. Triple H isn’t expected to have a match until WrestleMania

They were the final two (minus Rowan taking Sheamus’ place.) Triple H didn’t have a match until WrestleMania. (2/2)

Charlotte is expected to lose the NXT women’s title at NXT Takeover REvolution in order to be called up.

At REvolution, Charlotte retained again Sasha Banks. She lost in a fatal four way at NXT Rival. (0/1)

There will be a second Scooby Doo movie featuring Hulk Hogan and possibly Dusty Rhodes.

Well, this was actually announced on the day prior so it was confirmed and not a rumor. The only thing unconfirmed at this point is whether or not Rhodes will be in it. I‘ll put it in the outstanding column.

November 15th, 2014

The release of the Great Khali could be just the beginning of much larger set of releases. This was reported by infamous redditer "Metsfan4Ever"

From what I can find, Khali was the only wrestler released the rest of 2014. Being a Mets fan, this redditer should be used to disappointment. (0/1)

Roman Reigns will be working with Rusev at house shows in December, leading speculation he will be feuding with him on TV as well.

Roman and Rusev never had any real feud. (0/1)

WWE is expecting Mysterio to work a regular schedule up to WrestleMania 31. Another rumor is that Mysterio wants to finish up with wrestling all together and focus on other projects such as acting.

Mysterio was never on WWE TV again. However, when he finally was released, he did continue wrestling elsewhere. (0/2)

WWE plans NXT to have a major presence WrestleMania weekend.

Can’t argue that. Asides from the massive San Jose show, they were very active during the Axxess matches as well. (1/1)


This week:  13/20 - 65%

Overall:  214/405 - 53%

Sound off below and have a great week.

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