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Five Reasons to Watch WWE Payback

WWE Payback is this Sunday (May 17th, 2015). If you're still on the fence, here are five reasons why you should care.

With WWE Payback just around the corner, some of you may still be thinking; "is this worth my time?" Well, here are five reasons why you should skip your Jazzercise class and watch:

1. The New Day vs. Brass Ring Club - A WWE pay-per-view (PPV) where one of -- if not the -- most interesting matches is a tag team match? Is this real life? Yes, indeed it is! The New Day recently turned heel and their obnoxious positivity is an absolute joy to watch. Last month, they became champions by defeating the Brass Ring Club in a fantastic match. This time around it's going to be a 2 out of 3 falls, and will no doubt be entertaining no matter who comes out victorious.

2. Heel or Face? - It's fair to say Lana and Rusev have been not clicking lately. With her popularity growing, Rusev has been sending Lana to the back every chance he gets. The crowd reaction to Lana has been increasingly positive and it seems like only a matter of time for her to turn to the side of good permanently. Elsewhere, while Kane isn't specifically booked for the main event it seems likely that he will interject at some point. The question is; will he stick with The Authority or go off on his own? There are also rumors of Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns turning heel, but those should be taken with a grain of salt.

3. Neville - The human highlight reel has been on fire since jumping to the main roster. His matches have all been top notch, and this Sunday will be no different. In a competitive feud with King Barrett, Neville will try to pick up another win to further establish himself in WWE. Every fan needs a break during these shows, just don't leave when Neville is on your screen.

4. Sheamus vs. Ziggler - The whole "Kiss My Arse" storyline is an absolute abomination. So put all of that out of your mind, and just enjoy a straight singles match between these two studs. They had a fantastic encounter at Extreme Rules last month, with Ziggler pulling out the big win. Expect this one to be even more physical as "The Celtic Warrior" tries to get that win back.

5. Free - Yes, this was used for last month's PPV, but if it's fair that half of Payback's card are rematches, it's fair to recycle "reasons to watch". For all you lucky new subscribers out there, all this show will cost you is some time. For the rest of us, just consider it free with your Too Hot for TV Jerry Springer subscription.


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