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TNA Impact Review (May 15th, 2015): What Is the Doll House?

TNA was back in Orlando this week, this time with Mike Tenay as Josh Matthews co-announcer.  The main event was a huge Hardcore War between a team lead by Kurt Angle and a team lead by Eric Young.  That was the main story tonight so let's start with that.

The show opens with Kurt Angle and Chris Melendez.  Angle verbally puts over Melendez and the Sarge agrees to be on Kurt's team.  Angle calls the Rising out and he puts them over too as a the defenders of wrestling and thanks them for being on his team.  Then Drew puts over Angle.  Every one puts over everyone else!  Drew then makes the claim that he will eventually come for the title.

Eric Young comes out and interrupts saying the deck was stacked against him last week in their World Title match.  Angle says that EY still does deserve a rematch and it will be an I Quit Match.  EY reveals his team, which is the BDC who attack Angle's team from behind.  Lashley makes his redebut and he goes right after Young.  Lashley is revealed to be the last member of team Angle.

Throughout the night, backstage, the BDC discuss who their 5th man will be since Homicide is unavailable.  Young says he has the guy, who is revealed in the main event to be Bram

Team Young defeat Team Angle when Eric Young pins Chris Melendez after delivering his pile driver.

After the match, Eric Young takes Melendez's prosthetic leg off.  When Angle tries to stop him, Eric Young uses the leg to attack Angle as the show closes.

To be honest, the beginning of these gauntlet style matches, whether it be something like this, a Lethal Lockdown, or a War Games, is repetitive.  There's always a team with the man advantage so we end up spending 10 minutes of the match with teams alternating in ring beatings.

While the formula stayed the same, this match did not suffer for it.  For one thing, they still whipped out some good spots during the alternating entrances.  This included an awesome corner spot where Drew sat up from a Tree of Woe to toss Eric Young who is tossing Micah at the same time.  Also, the commercial break for this match was during the entrances, which is a good place for it.

In the end of it all, this match ended up being a hell of a good time.  Low Ki and Drew opened up both with lead pipes and had a brutal affair.  These men have really good chemistry together.  After everyone was in the match, there was a bunch of fun spots, mixing some regular wrestling with some high flying parts and some hardcore stuff.  These types of matches can really easily become a big mess but this one did not.

It's great to see both Lashley and Bram back in the fold.  The time away makes both feel fresh and hopefully both are worked into programs going forward (I would not mind a brief Bram vs Drew feud.)

Young's use of Melendez's leg is really cheap heat but it worked here.  And while I'm still not excited about another Young vs Angle match, tonight's fun has me less salty about giving it one more go.


The Doll House (Jade and Marti Bell) defeat Brooke Tessmacher and Rebel.

After the match, Taryn Terrell gets on the mic and tells Gail Kim she had "playtime" with Kim's family.  Whatever that means.

Later on the Doll House had a "pillow talk" segment where they act like they're at a slumber party and whisper secrets.  Taryn said she's spent time with Gail's step daughters and then tells the other two that she has a special outfit to show Gail's husband later.

Right after the backstage segment, the Doll House comes back to the ring.  Taryn reveals a picture of her hanging out with Gail's less than enthusiastic step daughters.  She then continues to imply that she's going to sleep with Gail's husband and then shows us all the lingerie she'll be wearing.  Thankfully, Gail interrupts her to tell her she's crossed the line.  After Taryn once again implies she's sleeping with Gail's husband.  Gail goes wild on all 3 members of the Doll House and clears the ring.

The whole night left me wondering:  Who are the Doll House ?  Are they just mean girls?  Are they crazy?  Are they attempted home wreckers?  Is there even a motive?  Maybe that's all coming in our future, but it feels more that TNA decided to dress these girls like school girls and told them to go act weird and overly sexual.  And that's not a winning formula.

My instinct is just to slam a story that involves one women talking about trying to have sex with the other's husband.  Maybe I'm spoiled from NXT who run programs over women fighting over being the best and being extremely successful doing so.  But this just feels cheap.  Taryn is clearly a heel and heels do play mind games and it would make sense that's what TNA is going for.  Because of that, I haven't completely closed the door on this story or the Doll House gimmick, despite my instinct to do so.  But TNA really need to start clearing up what the Doll House really is for any of this to work.

The match itself was OK.  When Rebel was in the ring, it felt clunky.  However, Brooke has become much more crisp in the ring than I remember her being in the past.  Plus the fans love her.  While Gail is clearly the story here, it would be a shame if Brooke finds herself completely on the back burner in the up coming weeks.

By the way, apparently, the Menagerie have gone back to circus life, according to Matthews and Tenay.  So maybe you'll get to see them the next time Barnum and Bailey rolls into your town.


Ethan Carter III complains about the Top 5 list that has him in the #2 spot and Eric Young still at #1.  Anderson comes down and EC3 says that he's done with him.  Anderson says he'll face Tyrus if winning means he gets EC3 one on one.  EC3 turns that down.  Ken Anderson calls Tyrus a b*tch enough times that it convinces Tyrus to accept it.

Tyrus uses his size to dominate most of the match.  But when EC3 tried to get in the ring with a chair and then gets ejected, Anderson sits up briefly and then decides to lay back down and play possum.  When Tyrus turns back to Anderson and picks him up for his thumb spike finisher, Anderson quickly hits his mic check for the win.

After the match, Anderson makes sure he calls Tyrus a b*tch one more time.

These reviews are going to start getting repetitive regarding EC3, but I'm a mark.  His conspiracy theory promo was well done, demanding Obama pick up the red phone to answer EC3.  (Pick it up, Obama!)  Even better, denying Anderson's stipulation that could lead to another match with Ken was a great heel move.  Why should EC3 even take the risk to face Anderson again?

Anderson on the mic is the same old story.  You either like him or don't.  I don't find him shouting a lot and saying the word "b*tch" as many times as he could edgy or anything.  As Sean would say, your mileage may vary.

The match itself though wasn't bad.  It's not a match I'm going to go back and rewatch, but it told the story it should tell.  Tyrus is a big dude and to his credit, played that up well here.  He hit his power moves and Anderson played the resilient face kicking out.  And in the end, Anderson had to outsmart the big guy by playing possum because he knew he wasn't going to be able to out power him.  And that all worked well.

All in all, I'm not upset that Anderson and EC3 have another match in their future given how disappointing the ending of last week's match between them was.  If EC3 is to be #1 Contender, he needs a semi-clean win over a credible opponent to do so.  It's been a long time since he's been feuding with the likes of Sting, Angle, and Bully Ray.

Josh Matthews started to get grating during this match, playing the heel and supporting EC3 at times (after he was so incredulous about Carter's cheating last week) but then would side with Anderson.  I'm unsure if he and Tenay are still trying to suss out their roles out not but it came off as annoying.


Magnus comes out and tells Storm he's full of crap and he calls him down for a match.  Abyss comes down instead.  Abyss says he's here to make Magnus pay for assault his Revolution leader.

There is no official match.  The two men use BBQ props left over from a Destination America BBQ Pit Masters cross promotion and beat each other up.  Magnus uses some tongs on the dong (I went for the rhyme there!) of Abyss to neutrailize and even takes out Manik who tried to attack him from behind.  However, when Khoya hit Magnus from behind with a large walking stick (that's his weapon of choice), it was too much and Magnus is left laying.

Backstage later on, Storm yells at the Revolution saying he did not order them to do that and to stay out of it.

There's little to say about the in ring segment because little really happened.  There wasn't a real match.  Just some really quick pseudo-hardcore stuff, none of it all that entertaining.  Originally I thought that  the Revolution into the feud would serves to solidify Magnus as the good guy and Storm as the bad guy, which is what this feud was lacking.
However the backstage segment changed that.  We learn that Storm did not want Magnus attacked, which is intriguing.  In fairness to this story, I am really curious about Storm's endgame.  It just feels like we've been in phase one of this story for over a month now.


The Wolves defeat the Dirty Heels when Davey Richards pins Bobby Roode to take Match One of the Best of Five series.

This match was only the first of hopefully five matches and it sure was entertaining.  The Dirty Heels worked... you guessed it... heel much of the match.  They even worked in my favorite heel tag move, when the ref is busy keeping the face from entering because he didn't see the tag, the heels clap their own hands to make it sound like they tagged in when they didn't.  My favorite part of that bit is the heels are always next to each other and could have tagged in but didn't because they're heels.  Working Roode and Aries as heel make sense since the Wolves are the smaller faster team and in that sense work better as faces.

If this match is any indicator, we have some more fun and fast paced tag wrestling in our future.  There's no word yet if this is like the other series TNA does and each match coming up has a stipulation.  Whether it does or does not, this should be guaranteed entertainment for at least the next month.


Robbie E and Jessie Godderz have a match where Robbie wins with a very quick roll up.  Jessie claims he wasn't ready and insists on a rematch, which Robbie grants.  Robbie picks up another quick win and Jessie insists on a 3rd.  While this one lasted a little longer, Robbie wins the third with a crucifix pin.

After the match, Jessie snaps and attacks Robbie with the microphone.  He then bench presses him out of the ring, puts Robbie's neck in a chair, and runs the chair against the ring post.

It looks like Robbie E is getting his post BroMans push as a face.  While he's kept some of his mannerisms, and his pre-BroMans music, his hair isn't spiked and he's more subtle with those old mannerisms.  Robbie E has charisma and as long as he's allowed to tap into it, he should be able to get over as a face.

Jessie is obviously playing the heel as they break apart.  While I really enjoyed his vicious streak afterwards, it's tough to take anyone seriously in any feud when they lose 3 times in one night to the man he will continue to feud with.  If TNA wanted to keep Jessie as a serious threat moving forward, they could have accomplished the same thing with a bit longer of a match and a quick roll up victory.


Pros of the Show:
  • Really fun main event
  • Exciting tag team bout
  • The beginning of face Robbie E did well
  • Lashley and Bram return
Cons of the Show:
  • The Doll House's identity crisis
  • An entire segment devoted to Magnus and the Revolution just brawling
  • Three losses in a night does not help Jessie going forward
The main event was really fun and that often helps a show overcome weaker aspects of the middle of the show.

Arbitrary Grade:  B

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