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Tyler Breeze gimmick is a rib on actors & models who tryout for WWE

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Lance Storm trainee Matt Clement has become one of the main event staples for WWE's NXT brand over the same period of time that it's grown from a Developmental tool into a red-hot traveling promotion. And he's done it with a character in Tyler Breeze that many saw as limited due to its base of Zoolander-esque male model (and that, to be fair, many are concerned will top out on the main roster like similar characters like Fandango and Adam Rose have).

Breeze isn't as concerned about that as his fans might be, but more on that in a minute. The anecdote that jumped out to this Uggo from his interview with The Sporting News' Brian Fritz, done to support tonight and tomorrow's live events in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Saturday's show in Albany, New York and next week's WWE Network special Unstoppable, was about how he went from Mike Dalton, NXT jobber, to the Gorgeous character we know today.

Seems its not uncommon for a lot of actors and model types to show up for tryouts at The Performance Center thinking that pro wrestling will be an easy way to get some exposure. Clement and trainer Norman Smiley would crack each other up parodying those guys and gals, and the rest is history:

We would laugh to ourselves because they would say some pretty funny things and not even know it. They would say, 'I'm going to watch Friday Night Smashdown'; 'I want to be in a friend team.' We would laugh our heads off about it and the people would have no clue. It was a funny thing and we thought there might be something to this.

Initially, that's what Tyler Breeze was, almost like someone who saw the wrestling business and thought, 'That looks easy, I can do that.' It's not uncommon, a lot of people have thought that.

If "friend team match, playa" jokes aren't happening in the "Friday Night Smashdown" thread tonight, Cagesiders, I'll be very disappointed.

Growing the character from what could be a one-note joke to someone audiences buy as a legitimate title contender is a testament to Breeze's talent - and the amount of study and thought he puts into his performance:

I started watching a lot of old Gorgeous George stuff which was remarkable. It was awesome. It was really ahead of its time. And I took a lot of that and just tested it out. And I took some Buddy Rogers and then I added in some Shawn Michaels. I added in some Bret Hart. It was bits and pieces from a lot of different stuff that came into what the character is now.

Back to his eventual transition to the main roster, Breeze sees the company's social media presence, and NXT's spotlight role on the Network, as tools that will make his call-up go smoothly. He sees the character's ever present cell phone and active Twitter & Instagram accounts as more than props, but as tools he can leverage to get new audiences familiar with his work, and help him be seen as more than just a pretty face - or a comedic jobber:

If they see me once, they can Google me or look on the WWE Network. We have so much content on there already with NXT and with the live specials — the TakeOvers — are on there that you can really find out who I am in essentially five minutes. I think the transition from NXT to Raw and Smackdown is going to be an easy one. Just knowing how we do stuff I think it will be really innovative and really cool. My character and the fact that I get to do a lot of modern stuff in terms of technology and in terms of a lot of stuff that really hasn't been done before. I think it should be really cool and I think the ideas and the possibilities are endless with this. I'm really excited to see where we go with it.

What do you think Tyler's future holds on Smashdown, Uggos?

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